Government could soon allow use of personal electronics on planes (2014/05/23)

Taiwan is following the lead of the United States and Europe in relaxing restrictions on the use of personal electronics on commercial flights. A draft amendment to the Civil Aviation Act that will allow pilots the right to permit in-flight use of electronics products passed preliminary review in the Legislature yesterday. 

In the past, passengers were asked to turn off electronic products in the air. But now the Civil Aeronautics Administration will relax these standards to permit the use of these products, pending pilot approval.

“It will be more convenient, but safety should be the most important consideration.”

The administration will still ban the use of electronics devices items during takeoff and descent.

Lin Chun-liang 
Civil Aeronautics Administration
We’ve examined full-flight data to look for any cell phone interference. On the ground, we’re certain there is none, and pilots will have the authority to (decide whether electronics devices should be allowed). If airlines report that there is interference, then we can make another assessment. 

The earliest this 3C prohibition could be lifted would be the end of the year.






[[民航局飛航標準組副組長 林俊良]]
“其實整個航段上,對使用手機的干擾性都有資料,地面部份 已經很明確確定沒有干擾,再加上授權機長作決定,但如果未來開放如果有機長或是,航空公司報告 有發現干擾的情況 ,我們可能會在重新作評估”



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