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This article is about the Egyptian satirist. For the American FBI agent, see Bassem Youssef (FBI agent).
Bassem Youssef
Birth name Bassem Raafat Muhammad Youssef
Born 21 March 1974 (age 40)
Nationality Egyptian
Years active 2011–2014
Genres Political satire
News satire
Observational comedy
Influences Jon Stewart

Bassem Raafat Muhammad Youssef (Arabicباسم رأفت محمد يوسف‎, IPA: [ˈbæːsem ˈɾɑʔfɑt mæˈħæmmæd ˈjuːsef]; born 21 March 1974) is a former Egyptian cardiac surgeonsatirist and columnist, who hosted Al-Bernameg (The Program), a satirical news program. The press has compared Youssef with American comedian Jon Stewart, whose satire programThe Daily Show inspired Youssef to begin his career.[1][2][3] In 2013, he was named one of the "100 most influential people in the world" by Time magazine.[4]



Medical Career[edit]

Bassem Youssef graduated from Cairo University’ Faculty of Medicine,majoring in cardiothoracic surgery, in 1998. He passed the United States Medical License Exam (USMLE) and has been a member of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS) since February 2007.[5] He also received training in cardiac and lung transplantation in Germany, after which he spent a year and a half in the US working for a company that produces medical equipment related to cardiothoracic surgery. In January 2010, Youssef assisted the wounded in Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution.[6]


Media Career[edit]

Following the 18-day-protests of the Jan 25th revolution, Youssef teamed up with Tarek ElKazzaz, Amr Ismail, Mohamed Khalifa, and Mostafa Al-Halawany, to create a political satire show commenting on the political events and how the mainstream media presented them. Influenced by Jon Stewart, the renowned host of the Daily Show in the US, Youssef showcased his talent with just a table, a chair, one camera, and a mural of amateur photos from Tahrir Square in Bassem’s laundry room. Starting with only 5 minutes per episode, the B+ show was uploaded for the first time on YouTube in May 2011.[7] The show gained five million views in only three months.[8] Nine webisodes later, Egyptian channel ONTVoffered Youssef to create a weekly political satire TV show "Al-Bernameg", literally translating to "the show", making him the first internet to TV conversion in theMiddle East. Youssef had to make a choice between Al Bernameg and the Paediatric Cardiology Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic in the United States. The show premiered in Ramadan 2011, and became the platform for many writers, artists, and politicians to speak freely about the social and political scene. Al-Bernameg’s success inspired a number of amateur initiatives on various social media channels, who credit the B+ show as their inspiration.[9] In June 2012, Jon Stewart invited Youssef to The Daily Show for an extended interview, “...I do know a little something about the humour business; your show is sharp, you're really good on it, it's smart, it's well executed, I think the world of what you're doing down there,” Stewart said to Youssef. The segment was one of the highest in viewership on the Daily Show’s website.[10]

In November 2012, Al-Bernameg moved from ONTV's smallest studio to Radio Theatre in Cairo’s downtown. Following the move, Youssef succeeded in increasing the show’s worth by eight times in one year.[11][12]The second season, which premiered in November 2012 on CBC network, was the first real live audience show in the Middle East. The show gained tremendous success through its humorous yet bold criticism of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, representing the Muslim Brotherhood. Soon after the show started airing, complaints were filed against Youssef, accusing him of insulting Islam, Morsi and disrupting public order and peace.

In March 2013, Bassem Youssef started writing a weekly column expressing his views for Al-Shorouk; one of Egypt’s most prominent and independent daily newspapers.[13] One month later, he was recognized among the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME magazine.[14] After that, he appeared for the second time on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.[15]

As Al-Bernameg continued with its growing success, Jon Stewart appeared as a guest on the show in June 2013, marking one of the all-time highlights of Al-Bernameg episodes.[16]

After a four-month break, Youssef appeared on air in October 2013, with a show that stirred a lot of controversy and criticism. In response to the popular criticism and discontent the show has caused, CBC, the show’s broadcaster, distanced itself from the show and its creators, and decided to stop airing it on its channels. Meanwhile, more than 30 complaints against Youssef and the show were filed at the General Prosecutor’s office, accusing him of insulting the Armed Forces, President Adly Mansour and describing the June 30 revolution as a military coup, in addition to disrupting public order and peace. The General prosecutor has transferred some of the complaints for investigation, which remain subject to the prosecutor’s decision and judgment till this moment.[17]

In November 2013, Youssef’s role in the media was recognized by the Committee to Protect Journalists which awarded him with the International Press Freedom Award, among with three other world renowned journalists.[18][19]

Al-Bernameg reappeared on MBC Masr satellite channel on February 7, 2014, achieving unprecedented weekly viewership ratings for 11 consecutive weeks. In June 2014, and after a six-week break, Al-Bernameg team held a press conference where Youssef announced the termination of the show due to pressure on both the show and the airing channel.[20][21][22]

The B+ Show[edit]

Inspired by the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Youssef created his first satirical show in March 2011. Entitled The B+ Show after his blood type,[23] the program was uploaded to his YouTube Channel[24] and gained more than five million views in the first three months alone. The show was shot in Youssef's laundry room using a table, a chair, one camera, and a mural of amateur photos from Tahrir Square that cost $100. Youssef used social media to showcase his talent and his show gave a voice to the millions of Egyptians who were seething with anger from the traditional media's coverage of the Egyptian Revolution.

Al Bernameg Season 1[edit]

After the success of The B+ Show, Egyptian channel ONTV, owned by Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris, offered Youssef a deal for Al Bernameg (literally, "The Program"). With a budget of roughly half a million dollars, the series made him the first internet to TV conversion in the Middle East.[25] The show, which consisted of 104 episodes, premiered during Ramadan 1432 (2011) with Egyptian-American engineer Muhammad Radwan as its first guest.[26] In his show, Youssef has parodied such Egyptian celebrities as show host Tawfik Okasha, composer Amr MostafaSalafist presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, and Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and onetime presidential candidate. In June 2012, Jon Stewart invited Youssef to The Daily Show for an extended interview, “...I do know a little something about the humor business; your show is sharp, you're really good on it, it's smart, it's well executed, I think the world of what you're doing down there." The segment was one of the highest in viewership on Jon Stewart’s site.

Al Bernameg Season 2[edit]

The show Al Bernameg was renewed for a second season after a contract with a second channel, CBC (Capital Broadcast Center), which premiered on November 23, 2012. The second season consisted of 29 episodes and has recorded one of the highest viewership ratings on both TV and internet with 40 million viewers on TV and more than 184 million combined views for his show on YouTube alone. Just three episodes into the show, several lawsuits were filed against Bassem Youssef and his show, mainly for "insult and defamation". On the season's premiere, Youssef made the owner and coworkers of his channel the subject of his show, as an assurance that he is granted full freedom of expression, and that no topic was off limits.[27][28] CBC did not, however, air his second episode, which also featured further criticism of a TV show host who filed a lawsuit against Youssef. The show returned to its regular schedule for the third episode.

The program, which began with a small group working at home with Youssef, moved from ONTV's smallest studio to Radio theater in downtown Cairo, a theatre redesigned in the likeness of New York's Radio City, making it the first live audience show in the Middle East.[citation needed] The contents of a typical show's broadcast have evolved, which began with a sarcastic take on current political events, and eventually incorporating the hosting of public figures and stars from various fields, as well as various artists' performances.

After a four month break, Al Bernameg returned to air for its third series on 25 October 2013. The season premiere marked the first broadcast for the show since the2013 Egyptian protests had deposed Mohamed Morsi from the Egyptian presidency. Youssef criticised both the Morsi administration and the people's idolization of the Egyptian Defense Minister[Abdul Fatah al-Sisi]. The following day the CBC network issued a statement distancing the channel from the political stance taken by Youssef. The CBC network issued another statement, and decided to stop broadcasting Al Bernameg because of violations in the contract signed.[29]

Al Bernameg Season 3[edit]

After terminating the contract with CBC, the production company behind Al Bernameg received offers from different TV channels. The third season was scheduled to air during the first quarter of 2014. In February 2014 it was announced that Youssef had signed a deal with the Middle East Broadcasting Center and that they would start broadcasting Al Bernameg from 7 February on MBC MASR.[30] However the program was suspended by MBC during the 2014 Egyptian presidential election campaign, and in June 2014 Youssef announced that he was ending Al-Bernameg as he felt that the political climate in Egypt was too dangerous to continue the show.[31]

Legal issues[edit]

On 1 January 2013, the daily Al-masry Al-youm reported that an Egyptian prosecutor was investigating Bassem Youssef on charges of maligning PresidentMohammed Morsi, whose office claimed that Youssef's show was "circulating false news likely to disturb public peace and public security and affect the administration."[32]

Despite all of the controversy it sparks, El Bernameg has been a major success.[33] It is constantly topping the regional YouTube charts, making Bassem Youssef's YouTube channel the most subscribed to in Egypt.[33]

On 30 March 2013, an arrest warrant was issued for Youssef for allegedly insulting Islam and Morsi. The move was seen by opponents as part of an effort to silence dissent against Morsi's government.[34] Youssef confirmed the arrest warrant on his Twitter account and said he would hand himself in to the prosecutor's office, jokingly adding, "Unless they kindly send a police van today and save me the transportation hassle."[35] The following day, he was questioned by authorities before being released on bail of 15,000 Egyptian pounds.[36][37] The event sparked international media attention[38] as well as a segment on Jon Stewart's The Daily Showin which he declared his support for Youssef, calling him a "friend" and "brother".[39]


In 2013, Youssef was named one of the "100 most influential people in the world" by TIME magazine and one of Foreign Policy magazine 100 Leading Global Thinkers. He was also awarded with the International Press Freedom Award of 2013 from the Committee to Protect Journalists and was announced the most searched figure in 2013 by GoogleAl Bernameg was chosen by South by Southwest, one of the largest international interactive festivals, as the first and most successful internet to TV conversion story in the Middle EastAl Bernameg'YouTube channel was the first channel in the MENA region to reach one million subscribers and was awarded the gold button trophy.

Personal life[edit]

Youssef lives in Cairo with his wife,[40] an Egyptian-Palestinian,[41] and their daughter.[40] He worked as a cardiothoracic surgeon when Al Bernameg was on hiatus. In his capacity as a doctor, he assisted wounded Tahrir Square protesters after the Battle of the Camel.[42]

Youssef also wrote newspaper columns, where he tackled taboo subjects such as atheism and questioning the commonly held view that apostasy from Islam should be punishable by death.[43] On March 18, 2014, he faced plagiarism accusations by his readers, and through Twitter, by the original British writer, Ben Judah, who wrote the article for Politico magazine. He later published an apology in El Sherouk newspaper for initially publishing an article without citing any references


這篇文章可能與文本的翻譯擴展相應的文章在阿拉伯語維基百科。 ​​(2013年4月)
點擊[顯示]在翻譯之前閱讀重要指示的權利。 [秀]
出生名 拉法特的Bassem穆罕默德·優素福
出生 1974年3月21日(40歲),
國籍 埃及
幾年活躍 2011-2014
流派 政治諷刺
影響 喬恩·斯圖爾特
拉法特的Bassem穆罕默德·優素福(阿拉伯語:باسمرأفتمحمديوسف,IPA: [bæːsemɾɑʔfɑtmæħæmmædjuːsef] ;生於1974年3月21日)是前埃及的 心臟外科醫生,諷刺作家和專欄作家,誰主持的Al-Bernameg(該計劃),諷刺新聞節目。記者比較了優素福與美國喜劇演員喬恩·斯圖爾特,他 ​​的諷刺節目每日秀優素福的啟發,開始他的職業生涯。[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]在2013年,他被評為“之一,最有影響力100人在世界 “被時代雜誌。

職業生涯[ 編輯]

醫學生涯[ 編輯]
優素福的Bassem畢業於醫學開羅大學學院,主修心胸外科,1998年他通過美國醫學執照考試(美國醫師執照考試),並已皇家外科學院(成員MRCS自2007年2月)。[ 5 】他還在德國接受培訓的心臟和肺移植後,他花了一年半的時間在美國工作的產生與心胸外科醫療器械公司。2010年1月,優素福的協助傷員解放廣場的埃及革命期間。[ 6 ]

媒體職業[ 編輯]
繼18天的抗議活動1月25日革命,優素福聯手塔里克ElKazzaz,阿姆魯·伊斯梅爾·穆罕默德·哈里發和穆斯塔法·阿爾- Halawany,打造政治諷刺節目評論政治事件和主流媒體如何呈現他們。由喬恩·斯圖爾特每日秀在美國著名主持人的影響,優素福展示了他的才華只有一張桌子,一把椅子,一台攝像機,並從解放廣場的業餘照片中的Bassem的洗衣房壁畫。以每集只有5分鐘的開始,B +展會上載首次在YouTube上2011年5月。[ 7 ]該節目獲得了500萬次。只有三個月。[ 8 ]玖網絡劇之後,埃及的通道ONTV提供優素福來創建一個每週的政治諷刺劇“鋁Bernameg”,字面翻譯為“秀”,讓他第一次互聯網在電視轉換中東。優素福不得不做出 ​​鋁Bernameg和兒科心髒病學獎學金克利夫蘭診所美國之間做出選擇。該節目在首播齋月 2011年,並成為該平台的許多作家,藝術家和政治家們暢所欲言的社會和政治舞台。AL-Bernameg的成功激勵了一批在各種社交媒體渠道,誰的功勞B +展會作為他們的靈感的業餘活動。[ 9 ]在2012年6月,喬恩·斯圖爾特邀請優素福以每日秀了一次深入的採訪,“......我做了解幽默的業務少了一些; 你的表演很鋒利,你就可以真的很好,它的智能,它很好的執行,我覺得你在做什麼,那裡的世界裡,“斯圖爾特優素福說。該段是最高的收視率在每日秀的網站之一。[ 10 ]

在2012年11月,鋁Bernameg從移動ONTV最小的工作室無線電劇院位於開羅市中心。繼移動,優素福成功地提高了展會的值得八次一年。[ 11 ] [ 12 ]第二個賽季,2012年11月首演於加拿大廣播網絡,是第一個真正的現場觀眾展示了中東地區。該節目通過埃及前總統及其幽默又大膽批評,獲得了巨大的成功,穆罕默德·穆爾西,代表穆斯林兄弟會。節目開始播出後不久,投訴提起優素福,指責侮辱他的伊斯蘭教,穆爾西和擾亂公眾秩序和安寧。

在2013年3月,優素福的Bassem開始撰寫每週專欄表達了自己的看法為鋁Shorouk; 一埃及最著名的和獨立的日報。[ 13 ]一個月後,他是最有影響力100人在世界上被時代雜誌中確認。[ 14 ]在此之後,他出現第二次的每日秀與喬恩·斯圖爾特。[ 15 ]

由於鋁Bernameg繼續其不斷成功,喬恩·斯圖爾特出現作為嘉賓在節目2013年6月,標誌著中鋁Bernameg集的所有時間的亮點之一。[ 16 ]

經過4個月的休息,優素福出現在空氣中2013年10月,有演出,激起了很多爭議和批評。為了應對流行的批評和不滿的表演已經造成,CBC,該節目的播音員,疏遠自己從表演和它的創造者,並決定停止其頻道播出了。同時,超過30個投訴優素福和表演都提出在總檢察長辦公室,指責侮辱軍隊,總統阿茲利·曼蘇爾和描述了6月30日革命軍事政變,除了擾亂公眾秩序和安寧的他。總檢察長已轉讓部分投訴進行調查,其中仍受檢察官的決定和判斷,直到這一刻。[ 17 ]

在2013年11月,優素福在媒體作用的保護記者委員會的授予他國際新聞自由獎,與其他三個世界著名的記者的認識。[ 18 ] [ 19 ]

鋁Bernameg又出現在MBC電視台MASR衛星頻道2014年2月7日,達到了前所未有的一周收視率連續11週。在2014年6月,和六個星期的休息後,鋁Bernameg隊召開了新聞發布會,其中優素福宣布演出結束,由於雙方的節目和播出渠道的壓力。[ 20 ] [ 21 ] [ 22 ]

在B +顯示[ 編輯]
通過啟發2011年埃及革命,優素福創造了他的第一個諷刺節目2011年3月題為而B +顯示後,他的血型,[ 23 ]該程序被上傳到他的YouTube頻道[ 24 ],並獲得了超過500萬的觀點在僅前三個月。用一張桌子,一張椅子,一台攝像機和業餘的照片,從解放廣場壁畫,成本100元秀被擊中優素福的洗衣房。優素福使用社交媒體來展示他的才華和他的表演給了一個聲音,數以百萬計的埃及人誰是從埃及革命傳統媒體的報導怒火沸騰。

人Bernameg第1季[ 編輯]
成功後在B +顯示,埃及頻道ONTV,埃及億萬富翁擁有的納吉布Sawiris,提供優素福成交的鋁Bernameg(從字面上看,“該項目”)。以大約50萬美元的預算,該系列使他成為第一個互聯網中東電視的轉換。[ 25 ]該節目,其中包括了104集,首播期間齋月 1432(2011)與埃及裔工程師穆罕默德拉德萬作為它的第一個客人。[ 26 ]在他的節目,優素福曾模仿埃及等名人的節目主持人陶菲克Okasha,作曲家阿姆魯穆斯塔法,薩拉菲總統候選人哈齊姆·薩拉赫·阿布·伊斯梅爾和穆罕默德·巴拉迪的前負責國際原子能機構和曾經的總統候選人。在2012年6月,喬恩·斯圖爾特邀請優素福以每日秀了一次深入的採訪,“......我知道了幽默的業務少了一些; 你的表演很鋒利,你就可以真的很好,它的智能,它很好的執行,我認為你正在做下來有什麼樣的世界。“段是最高的收視率上的喬恩·斯圖爾特的網站之一。

鋁Bernameg第2季[ 編輯]
該節目鋁Bernameg與第二通道,CBC(合同後續簽第二季資本廣播中心),首演於11月23日,2012年第二季包括了29集,並已錄得最高收視率的一個上無論電視和網絡與電視40萬觀眾和超過1.84億的他的節目在YouTube上單獨組合的看法。就在三集入戲,幾個訴訟被提起的Bassem優素福和他的節目,主要是針對“侮辱和誹謗”。在本賽季的首演,優素福使他的道,他表演的主題的所有者和他的同事,作為一個保證,他被授予充分的言論自由,而且沒有話題是禁區。[ 27 ] [ 28 ]央行也沒有,但是,AIR他的第二個情節,其中還精選誰提起了訴訟,反對優素福電視節目主持人的進一步批評。該節目回到其正常的時間表為第三集。

該方案開始在國內一小群正在與優素福,從ONTV最小的工作室廣播劇場在開羅市中心,重新設計的樣式劇院搬到紐約的無線電城,使其成為第一個現場觀眾表演中東,[ 來源請求 ]一個典型的節目的播出內容已經進化,開始用諷刺作為在當前的政治事件,並最終納入來自各個領域,以及各種藝術家表演的公眾人物和明星的託管。

經過四個月的休息,鋁Bernameg回到空氣中的第三個系列10月25日2013年的賽季首演,標誌著第一次播出的節目自2013埃及抗議活動已經從埃及總統穆罕默德廢黜穆爾西。優素福批評無論是穆爾西政府與埃及國防部長[阿卜杜勒法塔赫思思]的人的偶像化。第二天,CBC網發表聲明,疏遠採取優素福的政治立場的通道。在CBC網絡發表聲明,決定停止播放鋁Bernameg因為違規簽訂合同的。[ 29 ]

鋁Bernameg第3季[ 編輯]
終止與CBC合同後,公司生產的背後鋁Bernameg收到來自不同的電視頻道提供。第三季定於空氣中2014年第一季度期間,在2014年2月曾宣布,優素福已經簽署了一項協議與中東廣播中心,他們將開播鋁Bernameg從2月7日的MBC MASR。[ 30 ]但該計劃是由MBC電視台的過程中暫停2014年埃及總統選舉,並於2014年6月優素福宣布,他即將結束的Al-Bernameg,因為他覺得,在埃及的政治氣候是太危險了,繼續表演。[ 31 ]

法律問題[ 編輯]
在2013年1月1日,每天的鋁MASRY鋁youm報導,一名埃及檢察官已對誹謗指控調查的Bassem優素福總統 穆罕默德·穆爾西,他的辦公室聲稱,優素福的節目是“流傳假消息可能會破壞社會安寧及公眾安全,影響管理。“ [ 32 ]

儘管這火花的爭議,薩爾瓦多Bernameg已經取得了重大成功。[ 33 ]這是不斷摘心區域YouTube的圖表,使優素福的Bassem的YouTube頻道在埃及最贊同。[ 33 ]

在二○一三年三月三十〇日,逮捕令發出了優素福涉嫌侮辱伊斯蘭教和穆爾西。此舉被視為被對手作為努力壓制異議反對穆爾西政府的一部分。[ 34 ]優素福證實了他的逮捕令的Twitter帳戶,並表示他將交出自己對檢察官的辦公室,開玩笑地補充道,“除非他們好心送一輛警車今天救了我的交通麻煩。“ [ 35 ]次日,他被釋放15000埃鎊保釋前,質疑當局。[ 36 ] [ 37 ]該事件引發了國際媒體的廣泛關注[ 38 ]為以及對喬恩·斯圖爾特的段每日秀中,他宣稱他對優素福的支持,稱他為“朋友”,“兄弟”。[ 39 ]

獎項[ 編輯]
在2013年,優素福被評為“之一,最有影響力100人在世界上 “被時代雜誌和一個外交政策雜誌 100全球領先的思想家。他更榮獲國際新聞自由獎 2013年由保護記者委員會,並宣布在2013年搜索最多的人物了谷歌。鋁Bernameg被選為西南偏南,規模最大的國際互動的節日之一,為第一最成功的互聯網到電視的轉換故事中東。鋁Bernameg“ Š 的YouTube頻道是在第一道中東和北非地區達到100萬用戶,並榮獲金按鈕獎杯。

個人生活[ 編輯]
優素福住在開羅與他的妻子,[ 40 ]的埃及 - 巴勒斯坦,[ 41 ]和他們的女兒。[ 40 ]他是一名心胸外科醫生在阿爾Bernameg反響平平。在他作為一名醫生,他幫助傷員解放廣場的示威者後,駱駝之戰。[ 42 ]

優素福還寫報紙專欄,他攻克禁忌話題,如無神論和質疑普遍持有的觀點,即從伊斯蘭叛教應處以死刑。[ 43 ]在2014年3月18日,他面對抄襲指責他的讀者,並通過微博由最初的英國作家,本猶大,誰寫的文章,Politico的雜誌。他後來發表的道歉薩爾瓦多Sherouk報紙開始刊登的一篇文章援引沒有任何引用。


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