A great poem is a fountain forever overflowing with the waters of wisdom and delight (P.B.Shelley, British poet)
偉大的詩篇即是永遠噴出智慧和歡欣之水的噴泉。(英國詩人雪萊 P B)

A novel is a mirror walking along a main road. (Stendhcl,French writer)

A picture is a poem without words. (Horace, ancient Roman poet)

A poet is a man who puts up a ladder to a star and climbs it while playing a violin. (E.de Goncourt, French writer)
詩人是這樣的人,他架起通向星星的梯子——一邊爬梯子一邊拉提琴。(法國作家龔古爾 E)

A poet is born, not made. (L.A.Florus, Ancient Roman poet)
詩人靠天分,不是靠培養。(古羅馬詩人弗洛魯 L A)

Any one who conducts an argument by appealing to authourity is not using his intelligence; he is just using his memory. (Da Vinci, Italian painter)

Art is a lie that tells the truth. (Picasso, Spanish painter)

Art is long, and time is fleeting. (Longfellow, American poet)

Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it ! (Robert Motherwell, American painter)
藝術遠沒有生活重要,但是沒有藝術生活是多麼乏味呀!(美國畫家馬赦韋爾 R)

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling theorist has experienced. (Len Tolstoy, Russian writer)

Art is the mold of feeling as language is the mold of thought. (Susanne Langer, American philosopher)
藝術是感情的模製品,猶如語言是思想的模製品。(美國哲學家蘭格 S)

Art is the object of feeling, and the subject of nature. (S.K.langer, American philosopher and educator)
藝術是情感的客觀表現。也是本性的主觀反映。(美國哲學家、教育家蘭格 S K)

Art is the right hand of nature. The latter only gave us being, but the former made us men. (Friedrich Schiller, German poet)
藝術是自然的右手。自然只讓我們存在,而藝術創造我們的人類。(德國詩人席勒 F)

Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travel. (Theocore Dreser, American novelist)
好畫猶如佳餚,只可意會,不可言傳。(法國畫家弗拉曼克 M)

Good painting is like good cooking; it ca n be tasted, but not explained. (Maurice de vlaminck, French painter)
簡單地說,偉大的文學就是包涵極其豐富意義的語言。(美國詩人龐德 E)

Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree (Ezra Poud, American poet)
幽默被人正確地解釋為以誠摯表達感受,寓深思於嬉笑(美國詩人龐德 E)

Humor has been well defined as thinking in fun while feeling in earnest. (Mark Twain, American novelist)

I write for no other purpose than to add to the beauty that now belongs to me. (Jack London, American writer)
音樂要用心靈去聽,用頭腦去感覺。(法國作家雨果 V)

In music one must think with the heart and feel with the brains. Victor Hugo, French writer Jazz tickles your muscles, symphonies stretch your soul. (PaulWhiteman, American conductor)
爵士樂使你的肌肉發癢,交響樂能舒展你的靈魂。(美國指揮家懷特曼 P)

iterature is a kind of intellectual light which, like the light of the sun, may sometimes enable us to see what we do not like. (Samuse Johnson, British writer and critic)
文學是一種理智之光,它和陽光一樣,有時能使我們看到我們不喜歡的東西。(英國作家、批評家詹森 S)

Love and scandale the best sweeteners of tea. (HenryFielding, British writer)
風流韻事與醜聞是品茶聊天時的最佳話題。(英國作家菲爾丁 H)

Music has charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks or bend a knotted oak. (William Congreve. British dramatist)
音樂有著撫慰粗野的胸懷、軟化頑石或使千年老樹彎腰的魅力。(英國劇作家康格裡夫 W)

Music is the only language in which you cannot say a mean or sarcastic thing. (John Erskine, American educator)
音樂是唯一不能用及表達卑鄙的或諷刺的事物的語言。(美國教育家厄斯金 J)

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is a apeaking picture. (Simonides, ancient Greek writer)

Rules and modesty destroy genius and art. (William Hazlitt, British essayist)
規則與謙遜會毀掉天才和藝術。(英國散文家哈茲裡特 W)

Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face their own. (Jonathan Swift, British writer)
諷刺是一面鏡子,觀看者通常從中看到每一個人的面容卻看不到自己。(英國作家斯威夫特 J)

Some people pretend to despise the things they cannot have. (Aesop, ancient Greek fable writer)

Speech is a mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he. (Ephraem Syrus, American writer)
語言是心靈的鏡子;一個人只要說話,他說的話就是他的心靈的鏡子。(美國作家塞拉斯 E)

Sunshine can burn you, food can poison you, words can condemn you, pictures can insult you; music cannot punish ---- only bless. (Arthur Schnabel, Austrian pianist)
陽光可能炙烤你,食品可能毒害你,言語可能詛咒你,圖畫可能侮辱你——音樂不會處罰你只會祝福你。(奧地利鋼琴家施納貝爾 A)

The art of giving presents is to give something which others cannot buy for themselves. (Alan Alexander Milne, British humorist)
送禮的藝術在於送別人不能給自己買的東西。(英國幽默作家米爾恩 A A)

The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation; the two keep in their downwad tendency. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe German poet)
文學的衰落表明一個民族的衰落。這兩者走下坡路的時候是齊頭並進的。(德國詩人歌德 J W)

The lanscope belongs to the man who looks at it. (Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker)
風景屬於看風景的人。(美國思想家愛默生 R W)

The love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature.(John Ruskin, American writer and critic)
愛美是健康人性的重要組成部分。(美國作家、批評家羅斯金 J)

The poet's voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props , the pillars to help him endure and prevail. (William Fulkner, American writer)

The value of culture is its effect on character. It avails nothing unless it ennobles and strengthens that. Its use is for life. Its aim is not beauty but goodness. (Somerset Maugham, British noverlist and dramatist)
文化的價值在於它對人類品性的影響。除非文化能使品性變為高尚、有力。文化的作用在於裨益人生,它的目標不是美,而是善。(英國小說家和戲劇家毛姆 S)

There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun. (Picasso, Spanish painter)

When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog that is news. (Charls A.Dana, American journalist)
狗咬人不是新聞,人咬狗才是新聞。(美國記者達納 C A)

When one loves one's art no service seems too hard. (O.Henry, American novelist)

Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair; can transfer knowledge from teacher to students words enable the orator to sway his audience and dictate its decisions. Words are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting all man's actions. Do not ridicule the use of words in psychotherapy. (Sigmund Freud, German Psychiatrist)
言辭具有不可思議的力量。他們能帶來最大的幸福,也能帶來最深的失望;能把知識從教師傳給學生;言辭能使演說者左右他的聽眾,,並強行代替他們作出決定。言辭能激起最大強烈的情感,促進人的一切行動。不要嘲笑言辭在心理治療當中的的用途。(德國精神分析學家佛洛德 S)


1 Pain past is pleasure.


  2 While there is life, there is hope.


  3 Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.


  4 Storms make trees take deeper roots.


  5 Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.


  6 The shortest answer is doing.


  7 All things are difficult before they are easy.


  8 Great hopes make great man. (偉大的理想造就偉大的人。)

  9 God helps those who help themselves.(天助自助者。)

  10 Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more.



  11 In doing we learn.(實踐長才幹。)

  12 East or west, home is best.(東好西好,還是家裡最好。)

  13 Two heads are better than one.(三個臭皮匠,頂個諸葛亮。)

  14 Good company on the road is the shortest cut.(行路有良伴就是捷徑。)

  15 Constant dropping wears the stone.(滴水穿石。)

  16 Misfortunes never come alone/single.(禍不單行。)

  17 Misfortunes tell us what fortune is.(不經災禍不知福。)

  18 Better late than never.(遲做總比不做好;晚來總比不來好。)

  19 It's never too late to mend.(過而能改,善莫大焉;亡羊補牢,猶未晚也。)

  20 If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing well.(如果事情值得做,就值得做好。)

  21 Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.(無熱情成就不了偉業。)

  22 Actions speak louder than words.(行動比語言更響亮。)

  23 Lifeless, faultless.(只有死人才不犯錯誤。)

  24 From small beginning come great things.(偉大始於渺小。)

  25 One today is worth two tomorrows.(一個今天勝似兩個明天。)

  26 Truth never fears investigation.(事實從來不怕調查。)

  27 The tongue is boneless but it breaks bones.(舌無骨卻能折斷骨。)

  28 A bold attempt is half success.(勇敢的嘗試是成功的一半。)

  29 Knowing something of everything and everything of something.


  30 Good advice is beyond all price.(忠告是無價寶。)



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