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Pablo Sandoval reaches multiyear deal with Red Sox巴勃羅·桑多瓦爾達到多年處理紅襪

Star pitching trio Johnson, Martinez and Smoltz join Hall of Fame ballot
In this Oct. 18 file photo, San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval smiles as he takes batting practice during a team workout in San Francisco. (AP)

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Chien-Ming Wang hopes for return to major leagues王建民希望有回報大聯盟

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Trout, McCutchen win Silver Slugger Awards鱒魚,MCCUTCHEN贏得銀棒獎

Howard overpowers short-handed Spurs, scores 32 points in 98-81 win  
In this Sept. 18 file photo, Pittsburgh Pirates' Andrew McCutchen #22 hits a grounder down the third base line against the Boston Red Sox in a baseball game in Pittsburgh. (AP)在這個9月18日的文件照片,匹茲堡海盜“安德魯·麥卡琴#22打一個地滾球倒在一場棒球比賽在匹茲堡對波士頓紅襪隊的三壘線。(美聯社

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Alex Rodriguez confesses to having used performance enhancers: report亞歷克斯·羅德里格斯承認自己具有使用性能的增強:報告

Park stays as world No. 1 after LPGA Taiwan win
Alex Rodriguez #13 of the New York Yankees celebrates tagging out Ike Davis #29 of the New York Mets during their game on June 10, 2012 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of ...亞歷克斯·羅德里格斯#紐約洋基隊的13慶祝標註出來艾克戴維斯#紐約大都會隊的29場比賽他們在對2012年6月10日在洋基球場在布朗克斯區市鎮...

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Lopez scores 18 as Nets destroy Thunder 116-85洛佩茲18分籃網以摧毀雷霆116-85

Prokhorov says no sale of Nets 'imminent' amid bidding rumor
Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez #11 shoots over Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins #5 in the first half of an NBA basketball game on Monday, Nov. 3. (AP)

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Sandoval among 12 receiving qualifying offers在12個接受合格的報價桑多瓦爾

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Taiwan takes home baseball silver at Asian Games台灣帶回家棒球銀在亞運會

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Former baseball players could exchange jailtime for fines前棒球選手可以交流jailtime的罰款

By Lauly Li ,The China Post

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Orioles lay claim to 5-game AL East lead金鶯宣稱對5的比賽美聯東區領先

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Chen dominates the mound, captures 11th win with 4-0 victory over Seattle陳佔主導地位的土堆,捕獲11日勝利以4-0大勝西雅圖

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Baseball league Chairman Huang Zhen-tai announces resignation棒球聯盟主席黃貞泰宣布辭職

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Chen shows temper in spite of Orioles win


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