World's 50 best surf spots世界上50個最好的衝浪點


The breaks and the tubes that make wipeouts worth it

Get wet and try not to wipe out, at these 50 best surf spots.

Whether you like rocky cliff faces, standing in awe at the pros charging some of the best waves in the world or getting lost searching for little-known breaks, we have you covered with everything from epic waves to beautiful, small glassy swells.

So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, here’s where to get on board.

This list was compiled by Jade Bremner, an avid surfer who has surfed many of these locations, and using contributions from other professional surfers. Thanks also to for their assistance.

Surf beaches-Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii1. You're probably not good enough, yet -- but you can dream.

1. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii, United States 

Here it is -- the daddy of all waves. It’s the site most surfers will never be good enough to surf, but dream of riding its perfect crest.

Aptly, it’s located at the island that created surfing, and is one of the heaviest waves in the world, scaling over six meters over a shallow base of razor blade table reef. If you’ve got the balls, charge this flawless water tube and experience one of nature’s finest creations.

Getting there: Fly into Dillingham Airport on north shore and get a taxi or drive to Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea(expect to pay around US$50 for airport transfers).

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Surf beaches-Supertubes, Jeffrey's Bay2. 300 meters, each one memorable.

2. Supertubes, Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

In second place we’ve picked the right-hand ride of your life. J Bay offers long fast barrels off this intense point break and has plenty of choice with the bay divided into sections: Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Boneyards and the mecca of all waves: Supertubes.

Expert surfers flock here for rides up to 300 meters long.

Getting there: Eastern Cape province of South Africa, about an hour’s drive southwest of Port Elizabeth.

Surf beaches-Kuta Bali surfing3. Busy, but few places offer Bali's warmth and spectacle.

3. Uluwatu and Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Bali has to be in the top three surf beaches, but it’s a hard task deciding which break on this paradise island takes the crown. The island attracts the gnarliest surfers from Australia and Hawaii plus beginners from across the globe; all of whom can enjoy these perfect glassy faces.

With fewer waves than there are surfers, time-wasters may feel the brunt of aggressive locals at Uluwatu. But on the other hand, beginners at nearby bay Kuta are often cheered on by the more jovial locals while in the water.

Getting there: Fly into Denpasar Airport and get a very reasonably priced taxi down to Kuta for US$6 or US$12 to Uluwatu.

Surf beaches-Gold Coast Australia, 4. Just one of many superb surf beaches on the Gold Coast.

4. Superbanks, Gold Coast, Australia

Another of the world’s finest breaks, you may well have the ride of your life on this section, which will produce tubes and solid walls. By all means fill your boots, but save some energy for the two-kilometer walk along the beach back to your car.

Surf beaches-mavericks California surfing5. One wave you want to stay friendly with.

Getting there: If you’re coming from overseas fly into Brisbane and pick up a car at the airport ( for around US$46 per day.Drive down to Snapper Rocks, look for signs to Coolangatta and then turn off at Kirra and make your way to Greenmount or Snapper Rocks. 

Surf beaches-Hossegor surfing7. Like Hawaii, without the coral.

5. Mavericks, California, United States

The wave of legends has been surfed by only the most gutsy board riders; this mammoth peak forms due to hair-raising storms out to sea and reaches bone-chilling heights of 25 meters.

To surf here, we recommend you bring your jet ski (and a tow-in expert) and some life insurance. In 1994 skilled Hawaiian big-wave surfer Mark Foo died surfing this point. Those surfers who do conquer its peak will join a small club of over-achievers.

Getting there: Fly in to Half Moon Bay Airport and you’ll find Mavericks three kilometers from shore, off of Pillar Point Harbor, north of Half Moon Bay, Princeton-By-The-Sea. The only way to reach this wave is by boat or jet-ski, but be warned, come at it at the wrong angle and you’re fish food.

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Surf beaches-Sultans surfing9. Surf, Maldives. Nothing not to like.

6. Lima, Peru

To the right of Miraflores shopping center (and the pier) a few locals rent surfboards to brave backpackers. Although the pebbled beach and gray water doesn’t look entirely appealing, the range of surf along this coastline is second to none.

Waves range from a meter and up, and at the pier waves break in three sections; large, medium and small (great for all abilities of surfer), while being constantly clean, long rides. Warning: try not to swallow the sauce or you’ll end up with a dodgy stomach for days. 

Getting there: Fly directly into Lima and cab it to the Miraflores shopping center for around US$10. From there you’ll have a spectacular view out to sea and probably butterflies because the waves look that good.

Surf beaches-Honolua Bay, Hawaii10. Added bonus: whale spotting.

7. Hossegor, France

Located on the Atlantic, this expert surfing spot has been dubbed the "surfing capital of Europe," so naturally the rich and the famous have mansions and holiday homes near the beach (previous owners include the likes of singer-songwriter Jack Johnson).

People come from miles around to watch the pros ride tubes, and heavy walls break on the unnervingly shallow sandbank. Tubes here rival Hawaii, but come minus the coral.

Getting there: Fly into Biarritz Airport and grab a taxi for approximately US$90 or hire a car for US$35 a day and follow the E70 and A63 up to Hossegor.

8. Cloud Nine, Siargao Island, Philippines

This dramatic and powerful reef break, which crashes onto shallow razor sharp coral, offers right and left death rides to those who dare.

Those who do will experience a slice of paradise, or magic mushroom-like hallucinations, as the wave wraps over them like a Cornish pasty shaped cocoon of water. Don’t slip, or your skin and bones will be ripped to shreds by the ocean bed.

Getting there: Fly in to Manila and get an internal flight with airlines such as Cebu Pacific to Siargao for as little as US$30.

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9. Sultans, North Male, Maldives

A consistent reef wave that’s absolutely pumping in the spring. The rocks here can be hazardous but if you go with a live-aboard outfit such a, you’ll be in good hands.

These expert wave spotters will also deliver you to some of the finest points that are working on any one day, across the Maldives’ painfully beautiful 1,190 coral islands. 

Getting there: Fly into Male airport and get your live aboard company to pick you up from there. Trips range in duration and price. Visit for details.

10. Honolua Bay, Hawaii, United States

A right-hand squeaky-clean point break should keep you occupied, but getting to it is tricky business. Locals may tell you to "go back home" and your valuables may get nicked from your car while you’re in the sea, but a little cash is a small price to pay for a world-class ride like this which comes with the added bonus of spotting whales.

Getting there: Fly in to Kapalua West Maui Airport and, depending on where you’re staying, you may get a free shuttle from the airport all the way to the beach, or just get a taxi directly there.

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Surf beaches-Montanita Beach Ecuador11. Also one of the world's friendliest surf beaches.

11. Montanita Beach, Montanita, Ecuador

Not many travelers make it to, or even know about, this spot on the west coast of Ecuador. The majority head straight to the Galapagos Islands and miss this hidden spot (which wasn’t even on the map a few years ago).

There are only 1,000 locals in Montanita and they’re among the friendliest bunch of surfers we’ve met in a surf spot. After pounding right-hand breaks, get to know them during the awesome après-surf on the village’s bar strip, where you can also grab a fresh fruit cocktail or a Tibetan massage.

Surf beaches-New Zealand surfing12. The break that inspired a movie.

Getting there: Fly into the nearest city Guayaquil and get the superb CLP air-conditioned bus service from the center of town, which departs five times a day and takes just under three hours. It costs approximately US$10.

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Surf beaches-Riyuewan surfing13. China's tropical offering.

12. Manu Bay, Raglan, New Zealand

Made famous in the 1960s when it was the location for the cult surf flick "Endless Summer", atmosphere is key at this sleepy town. The bars and cafés play surf videos and serve New Zealand’s finest healthy smoothies and fresh cakes.

When you’re feeling pumped head down to Manu, which works from one meter to about three (and offers the occasional barrel if you’re lucky). The waves on this wide-open bay can get heavily blown out but it’s a mellow place to wait for the surf to pick up, you may even meet a veteran or two that starred in the original movie.

Getting there: It’s only a two-hour drive south of Auckland, or get the InterCity bus from Auckland to Hamilton Central then the Busit/Gobus Route 23 to Raglan. The journey will cost around US$30 in total. 

Surf beaches-Mentawai Islands, Indonesia15. Four amazing breaks in one area.

13. Riyuewan, Sanya, Hainan, China

China is not exactly known for its beaches, let alone its surfing, but at the southern tip there’s a gigantic island offering untouched tropical beaches with consistent uncrowded waves (you’ll most likely be the only ones there).

Local outfit Surfing Hainan will guide you to beginner’s spots such as Riyuewan Bay and other lesser-known locations. Re-charge after your surf by eating fresh fish from the day’s catch cooked spicy Hainan-style at the local café just off of Riyuewan Bay.

Getting there: Your best bet is to fly into an international airport in China, such as Fuzhou, Guilin or Shanghai, then get an inexpensive local flight from local booking or for as little as US$50 to Sanya airport. Riyuewan is a two-hour drive from the airport or stay in Sanya and get a local surf tour company to take you there.

Surf beaches-Cloudbreak, Tavarua Island16. Half a kilometer of thrills.

14. Surfrider Beach, Malibu, United States

Grab a longboard and surf Beach Boys style on these small perfectly formed crests where Johnny Fain and Miki Dora once surfed in the 1950s. However, expect it to be absolutely rammed for exactly this reason.

Getting there: Fly into Longbeach Airport or Los Angeles International Airport and head to the Pacific Coast Highway.

Surf beaches-Joe's point Oman17. The most comfortable surf in the Middle East.

15. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

The bays around these 70 islands off the western coast of Sumatra in Indonesia will blow your little surfer mind. Our four picks are the northern and southern points of Pagi plus Siberut.

If you position yourself here you’ll be hit by a barrage of beautiful waves. But the only way to get to them is via boat. Live aboard and follow the island’s surf for a week.

Getting there: Fly in to Soekarno-Hatta Intl Airport and pre-arrange a boat charter with local companies on the island such as Prices range depending on the length of the trip and size of the boat, email them for a quote.

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Surf beaches-Watergate Bay, Cornwall18. Little sunshine, but lots of gnarly surf.

16. Cloudbreak, Tavarua Island, Fiji

The heart-shaped islands in the South Pacific offer something for everyone -- from the hardcore surfer, down to waves you’d push your toddler onto.

Cloudbreak, however, is strictly for experts. You’ll have the ride to remember on this brutal, hollow wave formed about 1,600 meters off the coast, which holds for up to 500 meters and reaches 10 meters in size. 

Getting there: First fly in to Nadi International Airport then organize a stay at the Tavarua camp for USUS$170 per night, including meals and accommodation in a simple wood and straw hut, and they will organize boats directly to the point (

Surf beaches-Backdoor, Hawaii19. Another Hawaiian dream.

17. Joe’s Point, Sur, Oman

The Middle East is still very much unexplored as a surfing destination, but Oman’s long stretch of coast facing the desert on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other boast miles of breaks waiting to be ridden.

Joe’s Point is suitable for both beginners and experts with a sand bar to the right and rock bottom to the left. Rides here can last up to 40 seconds. Compared to the rest of the Middle East, climates at Joe’s Point are forgiving. When neighboring Dubai is hitting 45 C, Sur in Oman is often in the low 30s and the water is a comfortable 25 C.

Getting there: This desert break can only be reached by car. Fly in to either Dubai and cross the border into Oman traveling down highway 23 (journey will take approximately 10 hours) or fly into Muscat and head along the coast for four hours on highway 17 towards Sur until you reach Asyllah.

Surf beaches-Pasta Point Maldives20. Pasta point -- not necessarily favored by Italians.

18. Watergate Bay, Cornwall, England

It’s less famous than Fistral Bay but has even more English charm, is less crowded and equally as surfable, with waves ranging from 30 centimeters to three meters. When you’ve finished there’s a cute bistro on the beach where you can tuck into delicious steaks and locally sourced fish.

Getting there: Fly in to Newquay Airport and get a taxi straight to the beach for around US$40 or road trip it on a long scenic drive in the Cornish countryside from the A30 into Newquay.

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19. Backdoor, Hawaii, United States

An expert spot only, the reef bottom creates potent, hollow, fast and intimidating world-class tubes. Epic, but not quite as epic as its neighbor, Pipeline; if you’re not Kelly Slater you’d be a lot safer experiencing this break from the beach.

Getting there: Fly in to Dillingham Airport and the drive along Kam Highway and you’ll find it opposite Sunset Elementary School and Ehukai Beach Park.

20. Pasta Point, Maldives 

One of the most famous waves in the Maldives, this break refreshingly offers both left-hand rides and 100 meters of pure tube riding out to sea. But, there is a catch: you have to be a Dhonveli Beach Resort guest to experience them. A stay on this exclusive island can cost up to US$343 per night.

Getting there: Fly to the Maldives and Dhonveli resort will arrange transfers from the airport.

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Surf beaches-Tamarindo, Costa Rica21. Surfing in the wild.

21. Tamarindo Beach, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Perfect for beginners through to experts, this half-kilometer stretch of beach with warm water waves reaches heights of three meters. It’s surrounded by nature and you’ll no doubt see howler monkeys swinging through the trees or parakeets screeching in the background while you’re patiently waiting for the next wave.

Getting there: Fly into Tamarindo Airport and get a taxi to the beach for roughly US$35.

Surf beaches-gold coast, Australia23. An entire coast of great surf.

22. Bundoran Beach, County Donegal, Ireland

The cold doesn’t deter die-hard fanatics from these shimmering green waters that produce rolling waves from the moody Atlantic, shaped by bouncing off of the headlands and flat rock reefs. Surf here and the charming Irish locals will offer tips and advice.

Getting thereInternational flight should transfer at Dublin or Belfast and get a domestic flight to Sligo Airport.  Rent a car ( and drive along the N4 highway to Bundoran.

Surf beaches-fistral, cornwall24. Britain's top surf beach.

23. Gold Coast, Australia

We’ve cheated a bit here and suggest you road trip up the east coast of Australia as there is so much choice on offer.

Each bay is set up for the Australian national sport and you’ll be able to rent boards in most locations and ride the lip at points such as the beginner's break at The Spit Marina or Sydney Harbour, Main Beach, plus Mermaid and Narrowneck (artificial reef) in Queensland.

Getting there: Fly into Sydney, Brisbane or Queensland and rent a car so you can pick and choose your waves to suite your taste. Car hire costs approximately US$40 a day, we’d recommend getting a few buddies involved to make it worth your while.

Surf beaches-Hanalei Bay Hawaii25. As picturesque as it is surfable.

24. Fistral Beach, Newquay, England

It’s particularly "nippy" as the locals would say, and a good wetsuit is vital in the winter, though the hardy can get away with a short wetsuit during British summertime and enjoy surf surrounded by the quaint local countryside on a long sandbar offering consistent left and right rides.

Spectators, meanwhile, can enjoy a number of surf competitions sponsored by Quiksilver, Billabong and Redbull. Get down to the beach early if you’re looking to surf empty waves, come lunchtime the white-water will be full of beginners flailing around.

Surf beaches-Rincon, Puerto Rico27. Famous, but still fabulous.Getting there: Fly to Newquay Airport for as little as US$35 from London. From the airport the beach is a around US$15 cab ride (

Surf beaches-Ericeira, Portugal29. One of Portugal's best breaks.

25. Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, United States

Set in a white sandy horseshoe-shaped bay, Hanalei is the largest on Kauai Island, particularly pretty with waterfalls in the background. This spot is not all style and no substance -- pros love it for its overhead tubes and consistently fine waves.

Getting there: Fly into Princeville Airport and get a taxi, which is only five kilometers away from the beach.

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Surf beaches-Taghazout Surf30. Killer point -- beware the killer whales.

26. Carrapateira, Portugal

This lovely left-hand Euro break, with plenty of shelter from the rocks, can reach up to three meters during mid-high tide but best of all it’s usually empty. If you run out of steam, there’s always the nudist beach just along the coast.

Getting there: Fly in to Faro Airport, which is around 80 kilometers away, rent a car at the airport or get a taxi.

27. Rincon, Puerto Rico

Surfing has made this once-sleepy Puerto Rican town on the Caribbean Sea famous, but there’s still opportunity to get barreled with the locals after a 10-minute walk down the famous green hill, a great place from which to spy the best surf.

Getting there: Fly into San Juan or get an internal flight to Rafael Hernandez or Eugenio Maria De Hostos Airport and go cross-country to Rincon.

28. Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil

This decent quality sandbar below San Paulo, on the east coast, is where they hold Brazilian surfing competitions. Amazingly, it still has a fun-loving atmosphere, plus some nice bars from which to watch the surf until sunset and savor some seriously tasty local grub.

Getting there: Fly into Joinville-Lauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport; Sao Francisco do Sul is 75 minutes' drive away. Get a taxi along the BR-101 and BR-280 which will cost around US$15.

29. Pedra Branca Ericeira, Portugal

At this sublime surf beach situated 48 kilometers north of Lisbon on the Atlantic coast, you’ll find a sleepy fishing village-cum-surfer town with six kilometers of stunning beach including the sandbar Sao Lorenzo and the epic Pedra Branca reef break. Come here to charge one of the best waves in the county.

Getting there: Fly into Lisbon and drive or cab it 32 kilometers to this choice surf beach in west Portugal.

30. Killer Point, Taghazoute, Morocco

Discovered by hippies in the 1960s, this southern Moroccan village makes for an utterly unique surf trip. Soak up the fusion of Middle Eastern and African culture and traverse this perfectly peeling wave, breaking over a cliff shelf, which was named after all the killer whales spotted in the area.

Getting there: Fly in to Agadir Airport and either get the no. 32 bus into Taghazoute for US$1.50 or take a speedy taxi for around US$17.

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Surf beaches-white beach okinawa31. Great surf comes to those who wait.

31. White Beach, Okinawa, Japan

One of the only sandbars in the region, this super fun spot is suitable for everyone, and for this reason it’s packed at the weekends. Practice here and move to the epic nearby reef breaks including Aha-Yoko or Suicide Cliffs nearby once you’ve perfected your technique.

Surf beaches-byron bay33. A sunken ship and shark-free.

Getting there: Fly into Okinawa Naha Airport and take a 20-minute taxi ride for around US$20 to the beach.

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Surf beaches-tofino vancouver34. Riding the knife-edge between cool and cold.

32. Les Cavaliers, Anglet, France

Flanked by two rocky girders, use the channel at the right-hand side to paddle into this killer wave, which works perfectly in offshore winds with west swells. Make sure you stay out of the locals’ way -- they can be uncharacteristically aggressive if you steal their waves.

Getting there: The best way to reach this point is by car, and it’s only a short drive from neighboring airport Biarritz. If you’re looking for a surfer’s lodge try Anglet Youth Hostel offering rooms or camping facilities and an international surfer vibe. 

Surf beaches-Biarritz surfing, France37. The French California?

33. Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Popular among European backpackers, let the weeks roll by in this mellow town where the bars religiously play reggae (they even have a festival dedicated to it) and find waves along a 70-kilometer stretch of sandy and rock bottom beach for all levels of riding ability.

They’ve also got shark nets here so you can surf in safety, but look out for the sunken ship.

Getting there: Ballina/Byron Airport is only a 30-minute drive away and regular shuttle services will take you right into town. 

Surf beaches-Samoa surf38. Tame here, but can get terrifying.

34. Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

The surfing capital of Canada offers a fun, picturesque break on the west coast of the island and is surrounded by a looming rainforest. It’s suitable for all abilities and stances, just be sure to bring a thick wetsuit -- it can get pretty chilly out there.

Getting there: Fly into Vancouver then drive to the car ferry at Horseshoe Bay and cross the water to Vancouver Island, then head along Highway 4 to Tofino over the region’s lakes and mountains.

Surf beaches-Cape Hatteras Lighthouse39. Best break for those with no sense of direction.

35. Ponta Preta, Maio, Cape Verde

In Portuguese "Ponta Preta" means black point, and if this was a ski slope it would most definitely be a black run. This point break, over-exposed reef, offers salivating rides during winter for expert surfers.

Surf beaches-bondi beach surfer40. Best lunch break ever.

Getting there: Fly into Cape Verde and book a trip with surf outfits such as, who’ll either direct you to the nearby of Vila do Maio or provide transfers.

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36. Special K, Samoa

A perfect intermediate peak for all surfers, Special K sits 500 meters off the southern coast and is best reached by boat. It’s beautiful and peaceful out there in the middle of the ocean, a great place to limber up for the big boys on the rest of the island.

Getting there: Fly into Samoa Airport and organize a surf excursion with a surf outfit such as www.wavehunters.comwho offer trips for US$45 for four hours out to breaks such as Special K.

37. Biarritz, France

At the same time California surfing was going off, France had its own little revelation. People have been surfing this spot since the 1950s, and it’s a spot that pumps all year around due to the ferocious North Atlantic swells making their way down the Gulf de Gascogne.

Getting there: Fly in to Biarritz Airport and taxi it over to the famous bay or get a bus for around US$2.

38. Coconuts, Samoa

Jump on a villager’s boat and head into the belly of the beast. Even professional surfers will be close to cacking their boardies at this classic wave, which breaks over live coral and on top days offers 150-meter rides. 

Getting there: Fly in to Samoa airport and position yourself on the south side of the island. Organize a trip with your guesthouse, or a local surf outfit such asCoconutsBeach Club who run surfing camps in the area.

39. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Buxton, United States

Set on the east coast, this spot has been going off since the 1970s and is renowned for its decent surf caused by deadly hurricanes, which have over the years caused numerous shipwrecks -- giving it the nickname "the Atlantic graveyard."

Getting there: Fly in to Norfolk International Airport and hire a car to get you to Cape Harreras (try ABCO Auto Rental: +1 252 473 4508), the journey will take around two hours.

40. Bondi Beach, Sydney

A fantastic Christmas spot where Aussie families will gather for a barbecue and a surf, you can’t beat Bondi’s location near the city. Businessmen even venture down here at lunchtime to break up their day in the water. 

Getting there: Fly into Sydney Airport and either get the airport express train or a taxi if there are a few of you (it’s cheaper) for around US$40.

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Surf beaches-Blacks beach 41. Suitable only for the strong.

41. Black’s Beach, San Diego, California, United States

One for seasoned professionals, Black’s Beach is one of the most powerful breaks in California and comes complete with strong currents, so is not suitable for beginners.

San Diego’s best surfers flock here, which should give you some idea of the frequency and quality of sets, but be warned -- it can get crowded at the weekend.

Surf beaches-Surfers Point, Barbados42. Crystal clear waters for everyone.

Getting there: Fly to San Diego International Airport. Take a cab to the Torrey Pines Glider Port and expect a 15-20 minute walk to the beach. Best to follow a local, as this spot can be hard to find.

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Surf beaches-Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka43. Surf with elephants to trumpet encouragement.

42. The Bubble, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

On the north shore off the coast of El Jablito, this expert right-hand tube works best when it’s head high to double overhead, and it’s an awesome, if a little short, left-hand ride.

The only thing that lets this reef break down (like many of the waves in the Canaries) are the unfriendly and aggressive locals who’ll not voluntarily give you a turn on "their" wave -- you may find yourself in a paddling race to get a shot at riding this classic face.

Getting there: Fly into Fuerteventura Airport and hire a car from around US$95 a day ( while there and make your way north towards Corralejo. Alternatively, get a taxi from the airport for US$80 straight to the beach (most taxi drivers will know the point).

Surf beaches-dubai surfing44. A great winter surfing spot.

43. Surfer’s Point, Barbados

On the southernmost tip of the paradise island with crystal clear waters sit fun hollow and fast beginner-to-intermediate peaks scattered along the bay facing both left and right.

Getting there: Fly in to Grantley Adams International Airport, then hire a car and drive through the Oistins area and take a right at turn at the junction towards Enterprise. Take the next right then the next left and you’ll come to a pink house and a bunch of cars parked on the right. From here you should see the bay.

Surf beaches-Fulong Beach46. For when you want to surf alone.44. Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Not just a great surf spot with a right hand peak, here you’ll share the beach with wild monkeys and elephants that graze in the forest near by, and the friendly Sri Lankan people will steal your heart. 

Getting there: Fly in to Colombo and travel 200 kilometers east by car ( to this surf beach.

Surf beaches-baja malibu surfer48. Polluted, but promising.

45. Open Beach Umm Sequim, Dubai, UAE

Not a destination known for its surfing possibilities (yet); but to the right of the Burj Al Arab you’ll find soft sandy beaches and crystal clear warm water, plus clean swell nearly every day during the winter months.

Getting there: Fly in to Dubai airport and head straight for the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab; the open beach is to the right. From the airport it takes around 20 minutes by taxi and costs around US$15. 

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Surf beaches-Eisbach, Munich49. Surfing to nowhere.

46. Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Yes, you can actually surf in Thailand and though it’s not a world-class spot, we’ve included it in the list due to its fascinating location. Where else can you surf in warm opaque waters, eat fresh pad Thai in the street and dive into the raucous nightlife after your surfing session? 

Getting there: Fly in to Phuket Airport and get a taxi to Surin Beach for US$15, it sits around 15 kilometers north of the raunchy nightlife area of Patong.




Surf beaches-big wave bay hong kong



47. Fulong Beach, Taiwan

Situated in northeast Taiwan, Fulong Beach has a great camping spot nearby and produces thrilling right- and left-peeling waves from the sandbar.

Waves range from one to two meters and are empty. Intrigued locals will often stare in awe while you surf. Entrance to the beach is 90NTD (US$3) for adults, but includes use of all the facilities.

Getting there: The best way to get around Taiwan is by scooter; fly into Taipei and rent a bike at a local store or get the Taiwan Railway to Fulong Station and an inexpensive taxi from there straight to the beach.

48. Baja Malibu, Baja Norte, Mexico

Though a polluted spot (don’t swallow the water), this exposed break works when the winds are offshore and from the east. Ride both right and left and fall onto a sandy base, just beware of strong rips in the area.

Getting there: Fly in to either Abelardo L Rodriguez International (Tijuana) Airport or San Diego Airport; both are about 25 kilometers away from Baja Malibu.

49. Eisbach, Munich, Germany

The most unusual wave on our list is formed on an artificial river next to the city's main park and is completely and utterly land-locked.

This one-meter standing wave (meaning you don’t move along the river but surf in the same place) is caused by fast pumping water hitting a large rock and forming a crest. As long as there is enough water this ride will never stop, unless of course you fall off it.

Getting there: Fly in to Munich Airport and get a taxi to Englischer Garten; the wave is at the southern edge of the park next to Haus der Kunst.

50. Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

Comparing Big Wave Bay to some of the beauties on this list seems like sacrilege, but let us explain. If you’ve got kids, you can’t find a cuter spot.

Families lay out picnics, the weather is peachy and dads push their toddlers onto their first waves. Good wholesome beach fun. Just keep your grommets away from the rocks at the right side of the bay during high-tide; there can be a nasty shore dump onto the rocks.

Getting there:  Fly into Hong Kong airport and get a taxi for between US$20-30 or get the no.9 bus from outside MTR Shau Kei Wan for less than a dollar.



50. Escape from the skyscrapers.










衝浪海灘,萬歲管道,夏威夷1,你很可能不夠好,但 - 但你可以夢想。


這裡是 - 所有波的爸爸。這是該網站最衝浪者永遠不夠好上網,但騎馬其完美的波峰夢想。




衝浪海灘 -  Supertubes,杰弗裡灣2 300米,每一個值得紀念的。







巴厘島是在前三名的衝浪海灘,但它是一個艱鉅的任務,決定哪些打破這個天堂島需要的桂冠。島上吸引gnarliest衝浪者來自澳大利亞和夏威夷以及初學者來自世界各地; 所有的人都可以享受這些完美的玻璃面。



衝浪的海灘 - 澳大利亞黃金海岸, 4,只要在黃金海岸的許多高超的衝浪海灘之一。



衝浪海灘 - 小牛加州衝浪5,一揮手你想留友好的。




傳說的浪潮已經衝浪者只有最勇敢的滑板愛好者; 這個龐大的峰值形式,由於25米驚心動魄的風暴大海,達到刺骨的高度。







波範圍從一米及以上,並在碼頭海浪打破三個部分; 大,中,小(偉大的衝浪者的所有能力),而被經常清潔,長途騎行。警告:盡量不要吞下醬油,否則你會最終有一個狡猾的肚子好幾天。 


衝浪海灘 -  HONOLUA灣,夏威夷10額外的好處:鯨斑點。









CNNGo相關文章:6 -飛行神話,搗毀



這些專家波檢舉也將提供你一些正在工作的任何一天,整個上等點馬爾代夫 “美麗的痛苦1,190個珊瑚島 


10 HONOLUA灣,夏威夷,美國










CNNGo相關文章:  世界上最討厭的機場





交通指南:這只是一個兩小時的車程奧克蘭南部,或取得國內長途大客車從奧克蘭到漢密爾頓中那麼Busit / Gobus路線23到拉格倫。旅程將在總約30美元的成本。 




本地服裝衝浪海南將引導您到  初學者的景點,如日月灣灣等鮮為人知的位置。重新充電的衝浪者從一天的漁獲在當地的咖啡館就在日月灣灣的麻辣熟食海南風格的吃新鮮的魚後。


衝浪海灘 - 斷雲,塔法盧阿島16,驚險刺激的0.5公里。




衝浪海灘 - 喬氏點阿曼17,最舒適的衝浪中東。








在心臟形的島嶼位於南太平洋提供給大家的東西 - 從鐵桿衝浪,下到海浪你最好把你的孩子到。


乘車路線:首先在飛往楠迪國際機場,然後組織一個留在塔法盧阿營USUS 170元一夜,包括美食,並在一個簡單的木頭和茅草房的住宿,他們將直接組織船隻到該點(www.tavarua。 COM)。






衝浪海灘,麵食馬爾代夫點20點麵食 - 不一定是由意大利人的青睞。






只有專業點,在礁石底部產生強有力的,空心的,快速和恐嚇世界級管。史詩,但不是很史詩作為它的鄰居,管道; 如果你不凱利斯萊特你會安全很多經歷從海灘這個突破。











22班多倫海灘,愛爾蘭County Donegal



衝浪海灘 - 的Fistral,康沃爾24,英國頂級衝浪海灘。






24 Fistral海灘,紐基,英國




衝浪海灘 - 埃里塞拉,葡萄牙29,一個葡萄牙的最好的休息。


設置在一個白色的沙灘馬蹄形海灣,哈納雷是最大的考愛島,尤其是漂亮的背景瀑布。這個地方是不是所有的花拳繡腿 - 利弊愛它,它的開銷管和一貫優良波。



衝浪海灘,Taghazout的衝浪30殺手點 - 當心虎鯨。

26 Carrapateira,葡萄牙








交通指南:飛入約恩維利-勞羅·卡內羅德洛約拉機場; 聖弗朗西斯科do Sul的75分鐘的車程。相處的BR-101及BR-280這將花費大約15美元的出租車。
















由兩個岩石梁兩側,使用信道在右側槳到這個殺手浪潮,這在海上風與西方膨脹完美的作品。請確保您留出當地人“的方式 - 如果你竊取他們的海浪他們可以一反常態侵略性。


衝浪海灘 - 比亞里茨衝浪,法國37,法國加州?







加拿大的衝浪資本提供上島的西海岸一個有趣的,美麗如畫的突破,是由一個迫在眉睫的熱帶雨林所包圍。它適用於所有的能力和立場,只是一定要帶上厚厚的潛水衣 - 它可以變得相當寒冷在那裡。





衝浪的海灘 - 邦迪海灘衝浪40,最佳午休過。




所有衝浪者一個完美的中間峰值,Special K的坐在500米離南海岸和乘船最好達到。它的美麗和寧靜在那裡的海洋中,一個偉大的地方,以做好充分的準備在島上的其餘部分的大男孩。









設在東海岸,這個地方已經持續了自上世紀70年代,是以其引起致命的颶風,其中有多年來造成無數沉船體面衝浪 - “大西洋墓地”給它的綽號

乘車路線:乘坐到諾福克國際機場和租一輛車讓你開Harreras(嘗試ABCO汽車租賃:+1 252 473 4508),車程需兩小時左右





衝浪海灘,海灘黑人 41,只適合強壯。



聖地亞哥最好的衝浪者湧向這裡,這應該給你套的頻率和質量的一些想法,但被警告 - 它可以在週末顯得很擁擠。




衝浪海灘 -  Arugam灣,斯里蘭卡43。衝浪大象小號鼓勵。



讓這個礁打破(像許多在加那利群島的海浪)的唯一的事情是不友善和積極的當地人誰就會不主動給你“自己的”波一轉 - 你可能會發現自己在戲比賽得到了一槍,乘著這股經典的臉。






衝浪海灘 - 福隆海水浴場46,因為當你想獨自上網。4 4。  Arugam灣,斯里蘭卡



衝浪海灘 - 巴哈Malibu衝浪者48,污染,但前景看好。


不知道它的衝浪可能性(還)目的地; 但到阿拉伯塔的右側你會在冬季的幾個月找到柔軟的沙灘和清澈的溫水,加清潔膨脹幾乎每天都有。

乘車路線:乘坐在迪拜機場和頭部直取帆形阿拉伯塔; 開放的海灘是正確的。從機場乘坐出租車約需20分鐘,費用約15美元。 


衝浪海灘 - 艾斯巴赫,慕尼黑49,衝浪無處。







波範圍從一到兩米,是空的​​。好奇的當地人往往會在敬畏凝視,而你上網。入口處的海灘是90NTD(US $ 3)為成人,但包括使用所有設施。

交通指南:避開台灣的最好方法是通過滑板車; 飛到台北,租一輛自行車在當地的商店或獲得台鐵至福隆站和一個便宜的出租車從那裡直奔海灘。



交通指南:在飛要么阿韋拉多L羅德里格斯國際(華納)機場或聖地亞哥機場; 無論是從巴哈馬里布約25公里。







家庭奠定了野餐,天氣桃色和爸爸推他們的孩子到他們的第一次浪潮。良好的衛生海灘的樂趣。只要保持你的扣眼遠離岩石右側在高潮海灣; 可以有一個討厭的岸邊轉儲到岩石上。

交通指南:   飛入香港機場,坐上出租車之間為20-30美元,或得到9號巴士從港鐵筲箕灣外不到一美元。




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