Cannon Hill Park伯明罕佳能山公園

  Cannon Hill Park is


  Cannon Hill Park is one of the premier parks in Berminham and has been awarded Green Flag status. With beautiful flowerbeds, lakes, pools and a wonderful collection of trees, it's easy to see why. There's plenty of opportunity for exercise at the park's tennis courts, bowling and putting greens and wildlife enthusiasts can follow the walkways and cycle routes alongside the River Rea.

  The conservation area within the park includes a 5 acre woodland known as the 'RSPB Centenary Plantation'. There is also a wildflower meadow, which is sown each year with cornfield annuals such as field poppy, cornflower and corn marigold, providing visitors to the Park with a spectacle which is very rare in the urban environment. Traditional forms of land management are used to enhance this beautiful area, less than 2 miles from the centre of Birmingham.

  The park is an ideal venue for families with children's play areas and boats for hire on the lake in the summer. There are plenty of picnic areas and refreshments are available at the Garden Tea Rooms and the Midland Arts Centre.


  佳能山公園(Cannon Hill Park)是伯明罕首要的公園之一,並已經被授予Green Flag status,而它美麗的花圃,湖,足球場和樹木則證明了這個獎項。在這個公園,您有足夠的機會來練習網球,保齡球和高爾夫球。

  公園裡的保護區有著5英畝的森林土地被叫做'RSPB Centenary Plantation'。還有一個野生的草場,這裡每年都長有罌粟,矢車菊和萬壽菊,給遊客一個與城市環境大不相同的景色。

  這個公園是家庭帶領孩子來玩的理想場所,夏季還有可以租賃的小船。在Garden Tea Rooms Midland Arts Centre還有足夠的野餐地點。



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