brilliance—— The state or quality of being brilliant光輝=radiant

boundary—— Something that indicates a border or limit邊界=dividing line

breach—— A violation or infraction as of a law a legal obligation or a promise破壞,違犯=violation

boost—— To increase; raise增加;拔高;To raise or lift by pushing up from behind or below推、舉=raise

blend—— To combine (varieties or grades) to obtain a mixture of a particular character quality or consistency摻在一起混合=combine mix

bizarre—— Strikingly unconventional and far-fetched in style or appearance; odd古怪的=odd

bias—— A preference or an inclination especially one that inhibits impartial judgment偏見=prejudice

beam—— A ray or shaft of light光柱,光束=ray

be characterized by——distinguish

barren—— Lacking vegetation especially useful vegetation不毛的=infertile

balmy—— Mild and pleasant溫和的=mild

comprise—— To consist of; be composed of構成=consist of make up

conception—— Something conceived in the mind; a concept plan design idea or thought概念、計畫、設計或思想=notion A mental image or representation; an idea or conception心理形象或象徵;想法或構思

composed of ——To create or produce (a literary or musical piece)創作或製作=create

component—— A constituent element as of a system組成要素=element part

comparable—— Similar or equivalent相似或相當=similar

compile—— To put together or compose from materials gathered from several sources彙編=put togethe

community—— Society as a whole; the public作為整體的社會;大眾。Asgroupsof plants and animals living and interacting with one another in a specific region under relatively similar environmental conditions共生動物群的一群植物和動物=settlement society

commodity—— Something useful that can be turned to commercial or other advantage商品=goods

coincide—— To happen at the same time or during the same period同時發生=occur at the same time

cohesion—— The act process or condition of cohering結合=unity The combination or arrangement of partssintosa whole; unification統一

cluster—— To gather or growsintosbunches叢生=concentrate

classify—— To arrange or organize according to class or category分類=categorize

cling to —— v.依附,依靠,堅持=stick to

cite —— To mention or bring forward as support illustration or proof引證把作為支持、說明或證明而提及或提出=mention

check ——monitor To check the quality or content of (an electronic audio or visual signal) by means of a receiver監聽,收聽;To check by means of an electronic receiver for significant content such as military political or illegal activity竊聽

celestial—— Of or relating to the sky or the heavens天空的=astronomical

cease—— To put an end to; discontinue使停止;中止=stop

capability—— The quality of being capable; ability能力=ability

cumbersome —— Troublesome or onerous麻煩的=burdensome

crisscross—— To move back and forth through or over交叉移動move back and forth

crawl—— To move slowly on the hands and knees or by dragging the body along the ground; creep爬行=creep

counterpart—— A copy or duplicate of a legal paper複製品=version An adaptation of a work of art or literaturesintosanother medium or style版本

counteract—— To oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary action; check抵制,抵消=negate

core —— The basic or most important part; the essence核心,本質=center

conventional—— Conforming to established practice or accepted standards; traditional傳統的=traditional

contribute to —— v.捐獻=donate To present as a gift to a fund or cause; contribute捐贈

consumption——The act or process of consuming消耗=eating

constrain——To keep within close bounds; confine限制=bound To set a limit to; confine限制

constitute——To found (an institution for example)創建=make up

constituent——Serving as part of a whole; component組成的=component

constantly——Continually occurring; persistently持續的=continuously

conspicuous——Attracting attention as by being unusual or remarkable; noticeable值得注意的=noticeable

consort with ——v.陪伴=associate To keep company陪伴

conserve——To protect from loss or harm; preserve保存,保護=retain vt.留住;保住

consequence——Something that logically or naturally follows from an action or condition結果=result

conjecture——A statement an opinion or a conclusion based on guesswork猜想=based on guessing

congestion——To be overfilled or overcrowded堵塞=overcrowded crowded

conflicting——To be opposing; different對立的,不同的=opposing contrary

confront——To come face to face with especially with defiance or hostility面對與面對面的=face To confront with complete awareness面對

confine to ——To keep within bounds; restrict限制=limit cramp Restrict; narrow受限制外語學習網

confederacy——A union of persons parties or states; a league聯盟=ally One that is allied with another especially by treaty同盟者

conceal——To keep from being seen found observed or discovered; hide隱藏=hide


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