'Walking Dead' gets sixth season, and more news to note
October 7th, 2014
06:15 PM ET

'Walking Dead' gets sixth season, and more news to note行屍走肉”獲得的第六個賽季,而更多的消息要注意

Today's talk you might've missed:

  • "The Walking Dead" still hasn't aired its fifth season - that won't premiere on AMC until October 12 - but the network is apparently so confident in its work that it's already renewed the high-rated series for a sixth go-round. [EW]
  • This Robert Downey Jr. Reddit "AMA" is pretty much worth all of our weights in gold. [Reddit]
  • It seems Ryan Murphy is moving on from "Horror" to "Crime." The popular showrunner has landed a new anthology series at FX called "American Crime Story" - and the first installment is called "The People vs. O.J. Simpson." [THR]
  • Lil Jon and Lena Dunham have paired up for a civic duty-minded remix of "Turn Down for What," and, lo and behold, it's just as catchy as the original. [CNN Politics]
  • J.K. Rowling has been totally messing with our heads, but we're loving it. Did you figure out what her cryptic tweet meant? [Time]
  • “行屍走肉”獲得的第六個賽季,而更多的消息要注意

    “行屍走肉”還沒有播出的第五季-不會首映AMC,直到10月12日-但是網絡顯然是有信心的工作,它的已更新的高額定系列第六去輪。[ EW ]
    這個小羅伯特·唐尼書籤交易“AMA”是相當多了權重值得所有的黃金。[ 書籤交易 ]
    看來瑞恩·墨菲是由“恐怖”來移動的“犯罪”。流行showrunner已經登陸一個新的文集系列的FX名為“美國犯罪的故事” -而第一批被稱為“人民對辛普森。” [ THR ]
    莉兒喬恩和萊娜·鄧納姆已經配對了一個公民的責任意識混音“拒絕的是什麼,”而且,你瞧,它只是作為上口的原創。[ CNN政治 ]
    JK羅琳已經完全與我們的頭瞎搞,但我們愛它。你有沒有弄清楚她的神秘鳴叫的意思?[ 時間 ]


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