Kaohsiung mayor calls for gov't funds高雄市市長呼籲官立基金


“The city's petrochemical industry produces a profit of NT$500 billion each year, and NT$110 billion is turned over to the central government, and when Kaohsiung is in crisis, the central government is not (financially supportive) ... What is expected of the citizens of Kaohsiung?” Chen asked.

Chen made the remarks after the Executive Yuan spokesman said that the Kaohsiung government should use its own emergency funds, annual budgets and donations before asking the central government for assistance. If the said funds are exhausted, the central government will then chip in, said Cabinet spokesman Sun Lih-chyun (孫立群).

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu (陳菊) yesterday implored the central government to allocate a budget for the city's disaster relief after the large-scale explosions that blew up several streets in the southern city last week.

Chen also noted that the Kaohsiung City Government will be taking responsibility for the explosions that tore up the city without question. The remarks were allegedly made in response to her predecessor and incumbent Vice President Wu Den-yi (吳敦義), who had previously pointed out that the Kaohsiung government should take responsibility for the happenings.

“Kaohsiung is a city dedicated to heavy industry, and the city government is ready to take full responsibility. Regarding the so-called comments of many among the central government ... we have nothing to say. We will take responsibility,” said Chen.


Dangerous Pipelines Never to Be Used Again: Chen

Chen also stated that the petrochemical pipelines that caused the explosions, and those located near the explosion sites, will not be reconstructed and put to use in the future again.


Opposition Lawmakers Slam Jiang for 'Cold-bloodedness'

Eight of the Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) legislators yesterday slammed Premier Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺) for being “cold-blooded” when he reportedly refused to provide financial backup for Kaohsiung's relief work immediately.

All eight lawmakers represented different districts in the city, and criticized Jiang for not examining the city's pleas before rejecting them flatly. Local media outlets reported that the premier stated on Monday that the Executive Yuan would not be allocating a budget for the reconstruction efforts in Kaohsiung; no law will be established regarding the country's underground pipelines and no special commission will be formed to aid the reconstruction. All of the above-mentioned statements are “unfeeling and cold-blooded,” said the lawmakers, although the Cabinet later denied the accusations.


Death Toll at 30

The death toll of the explosions has reached 30 as of press time yesterday, as the two missing firemen were reported to be deceased by the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office.

The two men's co-workers held a simple memorial service at the site of the explosions yesterday, also stating that the search for their colleagues will not stop.

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2014年8月6日,上午12:00 TWN

台北,台灣 - 高雄市長陳菊(陳菊)昨日懇求中央政府撥出的預算大規模爆炸上週炸毀了幾條街道在南部城市後,全市救災。









所有八個國會議員代表在全市各區,並批評江不檢查全市懇求斷然拒絕它們。當地媒體報導稱,總理說週一表示,行政院將不會被分配預算在高雄的重建工作; 沒有法律將建立有關國家的地下管線,也沒有特別委員會將會成立,以協助重建。所有的上述聲明是“絕情與冷血”之稱的議員們,雖然內閣後來否認了這一指控。






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