Brazilian designers open Sao Paulo fashion week巴西設計師開放的聖保羅時裝週


“We live in an era which questions, reviews, indulges in large-scale overhauls,” said Sao Paulo Fashion Week director Paulo Borges, noting that the event he helped to create is approaching its 20th anniversary, having debuted in 1995.

Bell-bottomed trousers, roomy white blouses and woollen coats, as well as touches of velvet and lace all conjured the image of a footloose-but-feminine fashion-conscious woman.Proceedings at the Candido Portinari exhibition park in Sao Paulo opened with a glittering selection of designs by home brand Animale, whose models took to the runway sporting patterns inspired by the famed Silk Road trade route.

SAO PAULO, Brazil--Sao Paulo's fashion week opened Monday with three dozen domestic designers parading exotic tunics and a generous hint of silk, before Stella McCartney and Donatella Versace unveil one-off collections for Brazilian consumers.

Prior to that, Borges reminisced: “Nobody spoke about fashion in Brazil. Nobody thought it could be what it is today — internationally recognized and respected worldwide.”

As the afternoon progressed, other marques each took a share of the spotlight, from Uma Raquel Davidowicz to Tufi Duek and Cavalera.

Others, including Pedro Lourenco, Joao Pimenta and Osklen — already making a name for itself well beyond Brazil — will join them through Friday in Latin America's biggest fashion show.

The Brazilian fashion industry is home to 300,000 firms and Borges estimates 90 percent of production is destined for the domestic market.

Despite that home focus, leading lights from abroad will be making their presence felt in Sao Paulo this week, as McCartney and Versace launch collections designed to appeal to Brazilian tastes in a market of 202 million people.

McCartney will launch creations for the C&A chain, while Versace is teaming up with Brazilian department store Riachuelo.

Adding a dash of home glamour will be top model Gisele Bundchen, the face of Brazilian label Colcci.


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巴西聖保羅 - 聖保羅時裝週拉開週一三十餘名國內設計師炫耀異國情調的長袍和絲綢的慷慨暗示,斯特拉·麥卡特尼和多納泰拉范思哲之前推出的一次性集合了巴西消費者的青睞。




在此之前,博爾赫斯回憶:“沒有人談到時尚在巴西。沒有人認為這可能是它是今天 - 國際公認和推崇的世界各地的“


其他人,包括佩德羅·洛倫索,若昂·皮門塔和Osklen - 為自己已經作出的名字遠遠超出了巴西 - 將通過週五加入他們在拉美​​最大的時裝秀。






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