Arguments   1. Advertisements provide the most direct comprehensive and detailed information.



  1. Advertisements provide the most direct comprehensive and detailed information.

  We get to know about household goods from advertisements.

  2. Advertising itself is a business that has provided a great number of jobs.

  3. With advertisements people save a lot of time in shopping looking for jobs


  4. Daily life needs advertisements because the main function of advertising is to

  disseminate information on commodities services culture employment student

  enrolment and even marriage.

  5. A cheerful witty advertisement makes such a difference to a drab wall or a

  newspaper full of news of calamities.

  6. Without advertisements newspapers commercial radios and television companies

  could not survive.

  7. You can find a job. rent an apartment buy or sell a house etc. by way of


  8. Advertising is a process of artistic creation.

  9. Advertising creates mass markets. Without advertisements manufacturers may find

  it difficult to sell their products.

  10. Advertising helps stabilize industry and employment improves quality and by

  competition helps keep prices within bounds.


  1. Advertisements are imposed upon a captive audience e.g. on television.

  2. Advertisements on TV are a nuisance they interrupt television programmes at a

  shocking frequency.

  3. Consumers have to pay more for the goods owing to the advertising expenses high

  prices are maintained by such artificial means.

  4. Advertisements are simply misleading and cheating. They are filled with flowery

  phrases and empty promises.

  5. Fake advertising cheats consumers and in some serious cases threatens gullible

  people's lives.

  6. Advertisers are inconsiderate to the public. What they care about is making money.

  7. Advertisements are not -based on the quality of the goods but on the principle

  that if one keeps talking about the same thing long enough eventually people will

  pay attention to it.

  8. Advertisements are an insidious form of brainwashing using the same techniques

  like slogans catchphrases etc.

  9. Advertising is offensive it appeals to baser instincts.

  10. Advertising cheapens the quality of life most ads are in poor taste.


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