Stellar iPhone 6 sales to buoy Largan prospects恆星iPhone 6的銷售浮標大立前景


Institutional investors noted that the tremendous demand for the new Apple handsets have led to severe shortages at major markets worldwide, and Largan is well-positioned to benefit from the U.S. giant's decision to hike up projected shipping volume targets for the coveted smartphone. Improvements in performance results derived from iPhone-related sales are expected to persist until the end of this year and will likely boost earnings in the first quarter of next year as the Taiwan-based camera supplier's efforts to expand production capacity take effect.

From January to April this year, Largan has garnered record-breaking revenues, with company CEO Adam Lin (林恩平) anticipating performance to continue to soar throughout October and November during an earnings conference last week.In particular, institutional investors emphasized that the pricier and larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus variant has seen better-than-expected sales.

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Institutional investors yesterday announced that prospects for the smartphone camera supplier Largan Co. (大立光) are expected to be buoyed by the markets' exuberant reception of Apple's newly launched iPhone 6 handsets, with performance anticipated to continue improving until the end of this year.

As iPhone 6 shortages take root across major markets, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently acknowledged that the shortfall between supply and demand remains wide with little chance of equilibrium before early next year.

Reports indicate that global shortages have also hampered Taiwan consumers from acquiring the coveted smartphone, with the situation becoming one of the primary factors that has compelled a number of local telecoms carriers to extend their offers of unlimited and unthrottled 4G contracts past the original cut-off date at the end of October in an attempt to appease disappointed subscribers unable to procure the handset.

Retailers stated that the ongoing “iPhone 6 mania” is poised to be extended by widespread shortages, adding that the dearth in the 64-gigabyte version of the iPhone 6 Plus is especially pronounced, with currently available inventory levels, estimated at around 50,000 to 60,000 units capable of satisfying less than a one-fourth portion of overall demand. Consumers are also not likely to be able to purchase iPhones at conventional retail outlets, and they are advised to seek their new flagship products through telecoms carriers.


Taiwan Suppliers Ride High on Wave of Newly Launched Apple Tablets

In addition to handsets, Apple recently also launched the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 tablet computers, boosting the prospects of a number of Taiwan suppliers and manufacturers including Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (鴻海), Compal Electronics (仁寶) and Pegatron Co. (和碩). Backing their optimistic outlook on Apple's Taiwan-based suppliers, institutional investors over the course of last week bought more than 2 million Hon Hai shares and more than 1 million Compal and Pegatron shares.

Although thus far the new iPads have not attained National Communication Commission approval, they are expected to hit store shelves in Taiwan before the end of this month.

恆星iPhone 6的銷售浮標大立前景

2014年11月3日,上午12時02 TWN

台北,台灣 - 機構投資者昨天宣布,前景智能手機攝像頭供應商大立科技(大立光),預計將在市場的旺盛接待蘋果新推出的iPhone 6手機來提振,其性能預計將繼續改善,直到今年的末端。

特別是機構投資者強調,高價和更大的5.5英寸的iPhone 6加變種已經看到了好於預期的銷售。



作為iPhone 6的短缺紮根在主要市場,蘋果CEO蒂姆·庫克日前承認,供給和需求之間的缺口仍然很大均衡與明年年初之前,機會不大。


零售商表示,正在進行的“iPhone 6癲狂”已作好準備,通過普遍短缺延長,並補充說,在iPhone 6加的64 GB的版本的缺乏顯得格外突出,與現有庫存水平,估計在50000至60000單元能夠滿足小於總需求的四分之一部分。消費者也不太可能能夠在傳統的零售店購買iPhone手機,他們建議通過電信運營商尋求他們的新旗艦產品。


除了手機,蘋果最近還推出了iPad 2的空氣和iPad 3的迷你平板電腦,提振了一些台灣的供應商和製造商,包括鴻海精密工業股份有限公司(鴻海),仁寶電子(仁寶)和碩聯合的前景公司(和碩)支持他們樂觀面對蘋果的台系供應商,機構投資者在上週的過程中購買了超過200萬鴻海股票和100多萬仁寶和碩聯合股份。



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