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  Surrounded by forests and water, Stockholm has the feel of a small town. The royal capital of Sweden is actually a collection of islands linked by bridges. To the east, the Baltic Sea bustles with ferries and ships. To the west, Lake Malaren provides plenty of space for water sports and sailing. Stockholm's residents seem to be more a part of a small community than a sophisticated European city. But they are intensely proud of their city.


  Stockholmers have good reason to be proud. Their city's blue waters are so unpolluted that swimming and fishing are possible in the city center. Fishermen catch trout and salmon near the Royal Palace. Swimmers can take a dip within view of the Old Town. This experience is a small miracle that few cities can offer.



  Since water defines Stockholm in so many ways, no visitor should miss a tour by boat. Tour boats pass by many of Stockholm's beautiful bridges, palaces and churches. One of the most famous tours is named "Under the Bridges of Stockholm."


  The typical boat tour includes the Old Town, or Gamla Stan. Situated on an island, this old city center still looks like a medieval city. The 608-room Royal Palace houses the Royal Armory and the Royal Treasury. The Treasury includes underground rooms where the Crown Jewels are on display. In the State Apartments, the Writing Room of King Oskar II has remained untouched since his death in 1907. The nearby Stockholm Cathedral displays ancient wooden carvings. The 700-year-old Riddarholm Church is the traditional burial place for Swedish kings. Besides historical attractions, Gamla Stan also offers chic shops and world-class restaurants.

  典型的遊船觀光通常會參觀舊城區(或稱Gamla Stan),它位於一個島上是一個古老的市中心,如今仍像一個中世紀的城鎮。皇宮中有608個廳室,包括有皇家的軍械室和金庫,金庫還有地下室陳列著皇家珍寶。在市政府辦公大樓中,瑞典國王奧斯卡二世的寫字間在1907年他過世後,至今仍保持原狀。鄰近的斯德哥爾摩大教堂展示著古老的木雕,而長達七百年歷史的利達爾教堂則是傳統以來瑞典國王的長眠之處。除了這些歷史悠久的觀光點之外,舊城區也提供了時髦高級的商店以及世界級的餐廳。

  After leaving the Old Town, the boat tour also goes by City Hall on Lake Malaren. The building's large square tower rises from the corner facing the water's edge. Here the king and queen of Sweden look on each year as the Nobel Prize winners receive their awards. The elegant interior includes the famous Blue Room, where the Nobel banquet takes place.

  離開了舊城區之後,觀光遊船還會經過梅拉倫湖畔的市政府大樓,從大樓一角高起了大型的方形高臺面向水畔,每年諾貝爾獎得主領獎時,瑞典的國王和皇后都在此觀禮。其中幽雅的廳室中包含了有名的藍廳(Blue Room),是諾貝爾餐宴舉行的地方。

  On the city's Baltic side, the tour takes visitors past the Skansen Museum. Skansen is an outdoor "Sweden in miniature." The 80-acre park has sections representing the different regions of the country. The visitor can wander from Lapland in the north to Skane in the south. A stroll through the park also takes the visitor through five centuries of Swedish history. Resident craftsmen demonstrate some traditional trades: glass blowing, pottery making and printing. An animal park provides a close-up look at wolves, reindeer and elk, as well as typical farm animals.


  Also on the Baltic side of the city, the Wasa Museum, the home of the flagship Wasa, stands near the water's edge. Once the pride of the Swedish navy, the ship sank on its maiden voyage. Now restored, it is a perfect example of a 17th-century seagoing vessel. The thousands of everyday objects recovered with the ship give a fascinating picture of daily life in Sweden 300 years ago.


  After a boat tour of the city, the next step should be a trip to some of the 24,000 islands in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. Some are just rocks; others are green with forests. Many have small villages and country homes. Everyone is welcome to fish, swim and camp.


  As the "Venice of the North," Stockholm takes water seriously. Every August, the city goes all out for the Stockholm Water Festival. The festival sports events and other activities go on 24 hours a day: swimming championships, marathons, music, art and dancing. In the evenings, fireworks light up the sky. The King awards the Stockholm Water Prize for the most outstanding contribution to water conservation. By preserving its precious natural resource, Stockholm has become one of the most pristine cities in the world. It has every reason to celebrate.




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