Lawmakers criticize half-hearted apology for eTag errors (2014/01/14)
A day after Far Eastern Group Chairman Douglas Hsu mixed his apology for eTag errors with a series of gaffes, lawmakers took him to task. One urged the Ministry of Transportation to clearly state fines for billing errors caused by the electronic freeway toll collection system.
Far Eastern Group Chairman Douglas Hsu put his foot in his mouth several times yesterday. First he deflected criticism by arguing that the proportion of mistakes by Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection, which his group oversees, is small. Then he said that dissatisfied customers could
return eTag, though he pointed out this would make toll payments difficult. Lawmakers expressed outrage.
Liao Cheng-ching
KMT Legislator
pettiness contained in Chairman Hsu’s gaffe should be beyond anyone who does business. It’s unfortunate that someone so wealthy could be so coarse. He is the one who is mistaken, yet he still talks big. I find it to be unforgiveable.
立委() 廖正井]]
Gao Jyh-peng
DPP Legislator
Douglas Hsu acts like he can’t be touched. The Ministry of Transportation should quickly
propose a solution. This should clearly state fines for different error ratios and the conditions under which the contract can be terminated.
立委() 高志鵬]]
Far Eastern’s recent problems relate to double charges and phantom charges for drivers. In the past it was also fined nearly NT$500 million for failing to reach eTag use thresholds, but it still hasn’t paid a dime. Lawmakers want to know whose decision it was to use eTag.
One possibility is Deputy Premier Mao Chi-kuo, who is a former transportation minister. When asked today, Mao just said eTag was important to the
introduction of a fully electronic toll collection system. He didn’t comment on Hsu’s statements.

lawmaker[ˋˋmekɚ] n.立法者

criticize[ˋkrɪtɪ͵saɪz]v.批評; 批判; 苛求; 非難[(+for)...

gaffe[gæf]n.【法】失禮, 失態(尤指社交、外交上的出醜...

freeway[ˋfrɪ͵we]n.【美】高速公路; 高速幹道[C]

return[rɪˋtɝn]v., 返回, [(+to/from)]

outrage[ˋaʊt͵redʒ]n.惡行, 暴行[C][(+on/upon)]

point out v.指出, 提出同義詞put one's finger on

pettiness[ˋpɛtɪnɪs]n.微小, 瑣碎

coarse[kors]a.粗的, 粗糙的

unforgivable[͵ʌnfɚˋgɪvəb!]a.不可原諒的; 不可饒恕的

terminate[ˋtɝmə͵net]v.使停止, 使結束; 使終止; 使結尾

introduction[͵ɪntrəˋdʌkʃən]n.介紹; 正式引見[U][C][P1]

comment[ˋkɑmɛnt]n.註釋, 評註[(+on/about)]


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