Hannah Gay, Katherine Luzuriaga and Deborah Persaud

AIDS researchers漢娜·蓋伊,凱瑟琳Luzuriaga和德博拉·佩爾紹德
Illustrations by David Despau for TIME

These three women are responsible for orchestrating an incredible breakthrough: functionally curing a newborn of AIDS. By giving the infant, who contracted HIV from its mother, anti-HIV drugs within hours of birth, Gay, a pediatrician at the University of Mississippi; Luzuriaga, an immunologist from the University of Massachusetts; and Persaud, a virologist at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, managed to battle back the virus so the child, now 21⁄2 years old, no longer needs medications and shows no signs of HIV.

We scientists are trained to be careful about generalizing about one case. Yet this result gives us more ammunition in the fight against HIV and AIDS. It adds substance to our conviction — not yet proven but heading in the right direction — that we can prevent this disease from infecting newborn babies.


There’s even hope that adults may benefit from the same rapid treatment immediately after HIV infection. Following the success with the newborn, another study reported that 14 more patients have been able to control HIV. These findings show that early HIV treatment has even greater benefits than previously thought. With other preventive measures and better science, we now have a historic opportunity to control the spread of HIV.

Dybul is the executive director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria


由Mark Dybul 2013年4月18日
這三個女人負責策劃一個令人難以置信的突破:功能治療艾滋病的新生兒。通過給嬰兒,誰感染艾滋病毒的母親,抗HIV藥物分娩後數小時內,蓋伊,兒科醫生在密西西比大學; Luzuriaga,來自馬薩諸塞州大學的免疫學家; 和佩爾紹德,病毒學家約翰霍普金斯兒童中心,管理作戰回來,孩子的病毒,現在21/2歲了,不再需要藥物治療,並顯示艾滋病病毒的跡象。

我們的科學家進行培訓,要小心歸納約一個案例。然而,這樣的結果給了我們在防治艾滋病毒和艾滋病的鬥爭更加彈藥。它增加了物質的信念 - 尚未證實,但正朝著正確的方向 - 我們可以預防本病從感染新生兒。





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