Officials given 1 month to probe food makers鑑於1個月官員探討食品製造商


This is the second time that President Ma has held a national security meeting to deal with the food safety issue in two weeks, showing that the president has put a high emphasis on this problem. The meeting focused on reporting the current progress of the food safety office and some potential solutions for dealing with the recent oil scandal.

According to the Presidential Office, the estimated economic loss for the food industry under the impact of the recent food safety crisis has reached about NT$16.6 billion, indicating that this is a significant issue related to national security.Ma instructed relevant authorities to inspect the illegal food manufacturers within a month to solve the food safety crisis.

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- President Ma Ying-jeou called another national security meeting yesterday afternoon, inviting the heads of national security, investigation, police and intelligence to deliberate the food safety issue and follow up on the latest progress in the food safety office, which is expected to be registered as an official government organization this Wednesday.

The food safety office is mainly in charge of four tasks: collecting information from the food market to research the food safety issue, integrating information via a cloud system, inspecting and tracking food products and coordinating food safety issues.

Late yesterday, the Executive Yuan also released a press statement saying that the food safety office will officially be put into operation on Oct. 22. The Cabinet also stated that the National Security Bureau, the National Police Agency and the Investigation Bureau have teamed up for a new prevention program.

In the future, these authorities will be gathering information on problematic food products and will file reports to the food safety office for further investigation. In addition, prosecutors will also participate in the operation of this new office so that investigations will be more efficient and easier.

Regarding food safety issues, Chiang Been-huang (蔣丙煌), the future minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW), also held the second food safety promotion group meeting the yesterday morning.

According to officials who took part in the meeting, the management of food oil products will be delegated to different departments. If edible oil is imported, companies have to report them to the health department for further inspection before passing customs. Similarly, animal feed oil has to be reported to the Council of Agriculture (COA) and industrial use oil to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA). In this way, the government can keep track of every oil product and confirm that they are used in the right way.


Another National Security Meeting Regarding Ebola

Apart from dealing with the food safety issue, President Ma also stated that he will hold another meeting today to examine the nation's Ebola prevention plan.

The Presidential Office stated that although Ebola has not entered Taiwan so far, the government has already taken some action to prevent the disease by upgrading disease inspection levels, international disease control cooperation and tracking the latest information.

Ma demanded that relevant authorities reflect on past experience in controlling diseases and further integrate all the information to work on a complete plan for dealing with the potential threats of Ebola.



台北,台灣 - 總統馬英九呼籲其他國家安全會議昨天下午,邀請國家安全,偵查,警方和情報首腦審議的食品安全問題,並跟進有關食品安全辦公室的最新進展,預計註冊為正式的官方機構本週三。














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