ISIS forces launch multiple attacks on Kurdish territory in Iraq, officials sayISIS的部隊發動多次攻擊在伊拉克庫爾德地區,官員說,

By Brian Walker, CNN
October 21, 2014 -- Updated 0004 GMT (0804 HKT)
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U.S. drops arms to Kurds fighting ISIS

  • NEW: General says ISIS attacked areas of Sinjar mountain range
  • Deadly ISIS attacks targeted the Mosul Dam
  • In one, six Peshmerga troops were killed, a spokesman says
  • Turkey to allow Iraqi Peshmerga to cross into Syria to defend Kobani

(CNN) -- ISIS militants launched about 15 near-simultaneous attacks on Kurdish forces in northern Iraq on Monday in what Kurdish government officials and the news agency Rudaw said was a fierce and renewed push for territory.

ISIS also launched attacks against Mosul Dam, a strategic prize, and also renewed its offensive on the Sinjar mountain range in northern Iraq.

An ISIS-commandeered military truck loaded with explosives targeted a Peshmerga checkpoint along the security belt circling the dam, killing six security force members and injuring seven others critically, according to Peshmerga spokesman Said Mamazeen.

At almost the same time, ISIS militants launched an attack on the Nineveh Valley near the dam, which was repelled by Peshmerga forces using European and American weapons, the spokesman said.

Another Kurdish military official, who asked not to be named for protocol and security reasons, said that despite the attacks, it would be difficult for ISIS to gain control of the dam because of the large numbers of Peshmerga forces in the area.

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Attacks in Sinjar mountain range

A senior official at the Ministry of Peshmerga, who similarly asked not to be identified as a matter of government protocol, reported that ISIS fighters were also killed in the attacks, and that the Peshmerga successfully repelled most of the more than dozen incidents Monday.

ISIS fighters launched attacks on several areas of the Sinjar mountain range Monday, including the village of Sharaf ad-Din, which holds one of the most important shrines for the Yazidi community, Hazhar Ismail, brigadier general at the Ministry of Peshmerga, told CNN.

"ISIS failed in their attempt to control the village of Sharaf ad-Din after Peshmerga forces repelled the attack and managed to kill a number of ISIS militants," Ismail told CNN.

ISIS fighters managed to seize two villages in an area close to Sharaf ad-Din, but these villages were unpopulated as a result of ISIS attacks in August, Ismail said.

Ismail said he expected coalition airstrikes against those villages in the near future.

On the Syrian front

Still under siege despite gains against ISIS, fighters defending the Syrian city of Kobani are getting more help, in addition to U.S. airstrikes.

U.S. military cargo planes dropped much-needed weapons, ammunition and medical gear in the dead of night Sunday.

And on Monday, Turkey's foreign minister announced his country would let Kurdish Peshmerga from Iraq use Turkish territory to enter Syria and reinforce fighters in Kobani.

The help is desperately needed, Kobani officials say. Even though defenders control some 70% of the city, Kobani is cut off and ISIS forces continue to shell it with mortars from the east and south, said Anwar Muslim, a local government official in Kobani.

Tens of thousands of civilians have fled to Turkey as a result of weeks of intense fighting between Syrian Kurdish forces and the Free Syrian Army for control of Kobani, a border town that's one of the last in the region to resist falling to ISIS.

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Two car bombers in Kobani

The city appeared to be close to falling before U.S. and allied airstrikes helped drive back ISIS forces.

Still, the city remains cut off from the ground. The Turkish decision to allow Iraqi Peshmerga to enter Syria through its territory could provide an influx of much-needed ground forces to help.

On Monday, a fighter inside Kobani said two car bombers detonated their explosives in the city's eastern industrial area. One killed two Syrian Kurdish fighters, and the other was shot at by Kurdish forces and detonated explosives before reaching intended targets, said the fighter, who can't be named for security reasons.

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Consultation with Turkey

Sunday's airdrop in Kobani was delivered by three C-130 cargo planes and appeared to have been received on the ground by Kurdish fighters, senior Obama administration officials said.

A fighter on the ground in Kobani who cannot be identified for security reasons saw more than 100 large crates, including a crate with M-16 guns. A doctor in Kobani said he had received a ton of crucial medical supplies, including antibiotics and other materials.

President Barack Obama notified Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of the drop in a phone conversation Saturday night, administration officials said.

Strategic battle

The United States has generally downplayed the importance of Kobani as a key city in the battle against the militants.

U.S. military: Airstrikes alone won't save Kobani

However, if ISIS takes Kobani, it would mean the group would control land between the northern Syrian city of Raqqa and Turkey -- about 100 kilometers (60 miles) apart.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria took control of Raqqa last year. ISIS uses the once liberal city as a kind of headquarters where it applies its hard-line interpretation of Islamic law, terrorizing the population.

With the help of airstrikes from an international coalition led by the United States, Kurdish and Iraqi forces are now focused on pushing ISIS back from its relentless attempt to take Kobani.

At least 70 ISIS bodies dropped off at Syrian hospital

Official: Strategy working

The strategy against ISIS is working, Gen. Lloyd Austin, head of U.S. Central Command, said last week.

U.S. warplanes struck only twice Friday and Saturday in Kobani, Central Command said, both times targeting ISIS fighting positions. That's far fewer strikes than days before. U.S. jets flew at least 14 missions near the city Thursday and Friday, the military reported.

It will take "strategic patience" to beat ISIS, Austin said.

ISIS has apparently taken a heavy hit over the past several days. The bodies of at least 70 fighters for the terror group have been dropped off over four days at a hospital in the Syrian town of Tal Abyad, a Syrian opposition group told CNN. Tal Abyad is on the Turkish border and about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Raqqa.

CNN's Kareem Khadder, Anna-Maja Rappard, Laura Koran, Ashley Fantz, Raja Razek and journalist Zeynep Bilginsoy contributed to this report.

2014年10月21日 - 更新0004 GMT(0804 HKT)
(CNN) - ISIS武裝分子週一在什麼庫爾德政府官員和新聞機構Rudaw說是激烈的,並再次推動本港推出約15幾乎同時對庫爾德勢力在伊拉克北部的襲擊。
Kobani的心理意義 男孩失去了腳ISIS,發誓要拼 美國滴武器,物資Kobani 60炸彈擊中Kobani 4天以上
婦女爭取ISIS的庫爾德記者 什麼是戰勝ISIS? 世界上最危險的人物?
但是,如果ISIS需要Kobani,這將意味著該集團將控制敘利亞北部城市Raqqa和土耳其之間的土地 - 約100公里(60英里)分開。
至少70 ISIS機構在敘利亞的醫院下車
CNN的賈巴爾Khadder,安娜 - 瑪雅Rappard會議,勞拉可蘭經,阿什利Fantz,拉賈Razek和記者Zeynep相識Bilginsoy促成了這一報告。


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