2004.9.11——2005.04.16 G類大作文題目彙集  9.11: Can money bring people happiness? (金錢)  


  2004.9.11——2005.04.16 G類大作文題目彙集

  9.11: Can money bring people happiness? (金錢)

  9.18: Some parents think the children's leisure time should be more educational but others argue this will exert too much pressure on children. Discuss the viewpoints and what's your opinion and why? (青少年教育)

  10.16:有人認為年少時代最幸福,有人認為儘管成年人有責任,但是還是一生中最幸福的,討論2種觀點並發表個人見解 (生活觀念-人生幸福)

  10.23: Should the private schools not be allowed as some people think that they provide some students unfair advantage? (教育-私立學校)

  10.30: To improve students' chance of finding a job, secondary schools take less time teaching traditional subjects, such as history. They take more time on communication skills and business. Agree or disagree?(教育-實踐課還是傳統課)

  11.13: Some people think anyone can be a good teacher with suitable training, while others argue that there is some requirements that cannot be achieve just by training. Please discuss the both sides and give your opinion. Give some relevant examples. (教育-教師培訓)

  11.20: For couples preparing to have a child, the mother or the father should stop working to look after the child. What's your opinion? (教育——父母撫養)

  11.27: Some people take part in some dangerous sports, such as diving, mountain climbing, they should take responsibilities for their own, they should not expect that rescue work to risk their own life to save them, you agree or disagree? (冒險-營救)

  12.04: 衣著在現代生活中占重要的地位,從著裝看一個人在社會中的地位,你的看法?(社會-衣著)

  12.11: 有人認為對領導人來說,人品比專業培訓更重要,agree or disagree.(Leader-moral or training)

  12.18: 工作是high salary重要還是socially useful重要。(social- salary or social value)


  01.08: 城市改造是否要保留古建築 (social conflict-history building)

  01.15: some people think schools should educate every young person how to be a good parent. Do you agree or disagree? What kinds of skills are needed for a good parent? (教育)

  01.22: More families send their children to studying abroad. Discuss advantages and disadvantages. Which age do you recommend? (教育-出國留學)

  02.05: why do young people still continue to smoke? What do you suggest government to discourage this? (吸煙)

  02.26:現在大多數大城市都面臨heavy traffic的問題,論述你所在國家的情況,以及你的解決方法。 (社會-交通)

  03.05: nowadays, people has less communication with their families, do you agree or disagree? (社會-交流)

  03.12: Employees have different jobs should have different amount of holiday time. Agree or disagree(工作-假期)

  03.19: 現在家長讓小孩子看太多電視,會有什麼後果.(教育——看電視)

  04.02: The Olympic game is no longer play an important role. The Olympic Game in 2004 is the last one. Do you agree or disagree? (體育)

  04.09: 是關於one international languagenational culture的矛盾問題,能不能全世界的官方語言是一種,discuss both.(官方語言)

  04.16: 電視上的暴力是不是該reduce(電視暴力)


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