G2004.9.112005.04.16小作文題目匯總  9.11:你因為發生了一些事所以不能去參加,你預先交了錢的一



  9.11:你因為發生了一些事所以不能去參加,你預先交了錢的一門課,給教授講原因並告訴他你想怎麼樣 (解釋信)

  9.18: A company is organizing an abroad trip for language training to a number limited place. Please write a letter:

  1. Express you want to join;

  2. Why you think you should join;

  3. Why the organizer should select you(自我推薦信)

  10.16:是寫一封抱怨信,說上周到該shop修電腦,但對服務不滿意,給manager 寫一封信投訴。Computer have problem, writing a complain letter

  10.23: Your watch was lost in your English-speaking friend's home in the weekend when you play in your friend's home. Write a letter to you friend. (詢問信)

  1) Thank your friend's kindness

  2) describe about your watch losing

  3) ask your friend help you.

  10.30: You are moving to an English-speaking country with you family. Write to an accommodation agency to seek a house for your family.(諮詢信)

  11.13: You had a long distant fight journey, but you find there are some problems and the crew in this plane is not helpful.

  (1) Describe this situation.

  (2) What happened?

  (3) Give some solution. (抱怨信建議信)

  11.20: A teenage son of your English-speaking-friend will come to your country, but you cannot stay with him. Write a letter to explain why you cannot stay with him and your arrangement for him. (解釋信抱歉信)

  11.27: You borrow a book from the library, the book now damage.(解釋信抱歉信) Write:

  1 give the details about the book.

  2 how to damage the book.

  3 what are you want to doing about it

  12.4: 收到一張有問題的帳單,打電話去電信局詢問,對方沒有妥善解決,你給經理寫封信抱怨並要求解決問題. (抱怨信)

  12.11: 一個朋友要到你所在的城市旅遊,寫信告訴他什麼時候來合適,有哪些景點,怎樣找到一個便宜的旅館。(介紹信)

  12.18: 在酒店預定的房間由於某種原因需要變更.a)先前預定的房間資訊, b)為什麼變更, c)新的預定要求(解釋信)


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