1. 喜歡和人打交道,還是和機器?  Some people prefer work or activities that mainly involve workin


  1. 喜歡和人打交道,還是和機器?

  Some people prefer work or activities that mainly involve working with people. Others choose work or activities that mainly involve working with objects or machines. Compare these types of activities. Which of them do you prefer Give reasons to support your answer.

  2. 春夏秋冬,喜憂為何?

  There are advantages and disadvantages to different seasons of the year such as rainy or dry weather. Pick any two seasons that you are familiar with and compare the two. Describe what makes you prefer one over the other. What activities do you engage in What feelings do you have during this season

  3. 坐公車,還是自家車?

  Public transportation includes buses subways trains and taxis. Private transportation usually refers to private cars bicycles or motorcycles. Compare these two kinds of transportation and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Decide which is better giving details to support your decision.

  4. 在國內學,還是留學?

  There are both advantages and disadvantages to going to school in another country. Describe the good points and bad points about going to school in another country and come to a conclusion about whether it is better or not to study abroad or stay at home. Give support for your opinion.

  5. 生幾個好?

  Some families have many children while others have only one child. Think about the positive and negative aspects of being in a family with several children. What size of family seems best Why

  6. 課堂學,還是課外學?

  We can be educated in many ways. Though much education happens in a classroom we are also educated in our daily life through doing activities and listening to our friends and our family members. Which is a better way to learn in a classroom with a teacher or outside a classroom by doing things Support your answer with examples and details.

  7. 在家吃,還是上館子?

  Some people usually cook and eat their meals in their homes while others often eat their meals in restaurants stores or sidewalk cafes. What are some differences between these two ways of getting food Which is better Why Give reasons to support your opinion.

  8. 如何好好放鬆?

  People have different ways of relaxing. Some people like to go out walking. Others like to read sleep eat listen to music or watch television. Some people play sports or watch sports while others dance and sing. What are some good ways to relax when you are not working Describe some ways to relax that you are familiar with. Why are they good ways to relax Explain your answer by giving examples.




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