1. If Only 如果能再愛一次 Ian Wyndham (Nicholls) is a British Businessman who lives with his mus


1. If Only   

Ian Wyndham (Nicholls) is a British Businessman who lives with his musician girlfriend, Samantha Andrews (Hewitt) in London. Ian takes Sam forgranted making Sam feeling vulnerable in the role of the one who loves more. Taking us through a day in Ian and Sam's life, the film opens by showing different events such as Sam getting burnt on a kettle, Ian's watch breaking, Sam getting Coca-Cola spilt on her and Ian being interrupted by Sam during an important meeting at work.

As the day progresses we see Sam gets in a passing taxi and as Ian tries to get in beside her he notices that the driver is the same man who he traveled with earlier that day. The man gives Ian an ominous smile and as the clock hits 11 PM, Sam closes the door, leaving Ian standing there. As he watches the taxi drive away, Ian makes one last attempt to reconcile with Sam and runs after the taxi as it stops at a traffic light. Before he gets there, the lights change and the taxi begins driving again. As it speeds up, the taxi is struck violently by another car and comes to a stop on the middle of the street. Ian halts and falls on his knees in shock...

Peter WyndhamNicholls飾)與女友EmilyJennifer Love Hewitt飾)像任何一對平凡的情侶一樣,每天忙著自己的生活,很少時間獨處。一次爭吵過後,前來道歉的Peter猶豫著要不要上計程車,因為這份猶豫女友選擇離開。不到一分種,計程車在前面街口與一輛卡車相撞,女友香消玉隕。悲痛萬分的Peter在次日清晨醒來發現又回到了之前的一天,女友安然無恙,一切按照既定步驟發展。如果再來一次,Peter不敢想著居然成為事實。他放下一切業務,與女友登山、散步、彼此傾訴,愛意纏綿。到了那個決定性的夜晚,那輛奪命的計程車上,他毫不猶豫地上車,並且在致命的一擊...


2. An Education  

In 1961 London, Jenny Mellor is a 16-year-old schoolgirl, on track to enter Oxford University when she meets a charming older man, David Goldman, who pursues her romantically. He takes her to concerts, clubs, and fine restaurants, and easily charms her parents into approving of the relationship. When Jenny recognizes that David is a con man who makes money through a variety of shady practices, she is initially shocked but silences her misgivings in the face of David's persuasive charm.

When David proposes marriage, Jenny accepts and leaves school. She then discovers David is already married. When she reveals her discovery to David, he drops out of sight. Jenny despairs, feeling she has thrown her life away, but with the help of her favourite teacher, resumes her studies and is accepted at Oxford the following year.



3. Kate & Leopold

In 1876, Leopold Alexis Elijah Walker Thomas Gareth Mountbatten, Duke of Albany, is a stifled dreamer. Strict Uncle Millard (Paxton Whitehead) has no patience for Leopold's disrespect for the monarchy, chastising him and telling him he must marry a rich American, as the Mountbatten family finances are depleted. His uncle has told him that on his "thirtieth birthday he had become a blemish to the family name".

The Duke finds Stuart Besser (Liev Schreiber), an amateur physicist (and descendant of Leopold, according to deleted scenes) perusing his schematic diagrams and taking photographs of them. He had seen him earlier at Roebling's speech about the Brooklyn Bridge. Leopold follows Stuart and tries to save him from what he thinks is a suicide, falling after him into the portal that brought the man there in the first place.

Leopold awakens in 21st century New York. He is at first confused and thinks that he has been kidnapped. Stuart says that he has created formulae to forecast portals in the temporal universe and that Leopold must stay inside his apartment until the portal opens again a week later. As Stuart takes his dog out, he is injured by falling into the elevator shaft, and is eventually institutionalized for speaking about his scientific discovery...


4. Trainspotting 猜火車

Set in Edinburgh, the film begins with Mark Renton's (Ewan McGregor) statement that unlike people who "choose life" (i.e. a traditional family lifestyle with children, financial stability and material possessions), he has chosen an alternative lifestyle of a heroin addict. Renton's close circle of football enthusiast friends are introduced: Sick Boy, Spud and Renton are all heroin addicts, while Tommy and Begbie openly criticise heroin use, even as they indulge in binge drinking and chain smoking. After quitting heroin, Renton struggles to adjust. The return to sobriety forces Renton to view his friends much more critically as they spend time together sober engaging in unconventional activities.

After a tragic relapse, Renton moves to London and starts a job as a property letting agent. He begins to enjoy the vibrancy of London, still clean off heroin, and saves up money on the side. His happiness is short-lived, however, as his 'friends' continually bring their dramas to him...


5. The Holiday 戀愛假期

Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) with her best friend Miles (Jack Black) owns a company that produces movie trailers. She handles editing while he provides incidental score, and scenes concerning her are occasionally accompanied by narration in the voice of Hal Douglas. Amanda is an extreme workaholic. Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) is a society column editor for The Daily Telegraph in London. Both women are suffering from heartache: While Amanda discovers that her live-in boyfriend (Edward Burns) has cheated on her, due to their lackluster relationship, Iris learns that Jasper Bloom (Rufus Sewell), the object of Iris' unrequited love, is engaged after he announces it at the office Christmas party. Seeking an escape, Iris posts an ad for her "quaint cottage in Surrey" on a home-swap website, which Amanda eagerly accepts...

愛麗斯(凱特?溫斯萊特 Kate Winslet)住在英國倫敦的鄉村,而艾曼達(卡梅隆?迪亞茲 Cameron Diaz)則是洛杉磯的美國麗人。她們在天南地北的兩端,卻遇上了同樣的問題:在感情上遭受了挫敗,令生活灰暗無光。二人在網上聊天,商議在耶誕節到來之前,到對方的環境去生活,交互雙方的住所作為度假場地。於是,一場令人興奮的旅行開始了。愛麗斯來到美國大都市,艾曼達則乘班機前往極具英倫情調的英國鄉村。除了新鮮的生活環境,當地男生的魅力更讓她們猝不及防。

6. Oliver Twist 霧都孤兒

Young orphan Oliver Twist is forcibly brought to a workhouse on his ninth birthday. He and the other resident children are treated poorly and given very little food. Facing starvation, the boys select Oliver (through a lottery) to ask for more food at the next meal, which he tentatively does. This results in Oliver being chastised, and the workhouse officials, who are wealthy, well-fed, hypocritical men, decide to get rid of him. After nearly being sold as an apprentice to a cruel chimney sweep, Oliver is sent to Mr. Sowerberry, a coffin-maker, whose wife and senior apprentice take an instant dislike to the newcomer. After more poor treatment, Oliver snaps and attacks Noah, the snotty older apprentice, for having insulted his mother. Knowing his life with the Sowerberrys will only get worse, Oliver escapes on foot...

本片根據英國作家狄更斯1838年的名著《霧都孤兒》改編。孤兒奧利弗(巴尼?克拉克 Barney Clark 飾)由教會撫養長大,9歲時被送去童工廠揀填絮,後被賣給棺材鋪當學徒,屢受欺侮。奧利弗從棺材鋪逃跑,步行七十英里到達倫敦,遇見小偷機靈鬼(哈利 ?伊登 Harry Eden 飾),並被收入猶太老頭費金(本?金斯利 Ben Kinsley 飾)的盜竊團夥。奧利弗第一次出徒便被誣陷偷竊布朗羅先生(愛德華?哈德威克 Edward Hardwicke飾)的絲帕,並被打昏在地。被好心的布朗羅先生帶回家收養,卻在替布朗羅先生跑差途中被費金的同僚比爾(傑米?福爾曼 Jamie Foreman飾)抓獲。比爾逼迫奧利弗協助他與同夥托比(馬克?斯特朗 Mark Strong 飾)入夜行竊布朗羅先生家。小奧利弗不從,眼看命在旦夕……

7. The English Patient 英國病人

The historical backdrop for this novel is the Second World War in Northern Africa and Italy. Hana, a young Canadian Army nurse, lives in the abandoned Villa San Girolamo in Italy, which is filled with hidden, undetonated bombs. In her care is the man nicknamed "the English patient," of whom all she knows is that he was burned beyond recognition in a plane crash before being taken to the hospital by a Bedouin tribe. He also claimed to be English. The only possession that the patient has is a copy of Herodotus' histories that survived the fire. He has annotated these histories and is constantly remembering his explorations in the desert in great detail, but cannot state his own name. The patient is, in fact, László de Almásy, a Hungarian desert explorer who was part of a British cartography group. He chose, however, to erase his identity and nationality...

一段愛情,在戰火中燃燒,逾越了道德,改變了戰局。艾馬殊(拉爾夫?費因斯 Ralph Fiennes 飾)是一個歷史學者,跟隨探險家來到撒哈拉沙漠考察,結識了繪製地圖的飛機師傑佛和他妻子凱薩琳(克裡斯汀?斯科特?湯瑪斯 Kristin Scott Thomas 飾)。凱薩琳的才氣和美麗讓艾馬殊深深著迷,兩人在沙漠一個幽深洞穴參觀壁畫時,更加發現彼此志趣相投。道德最終戰勝了激情。凱薩琳和艾馬殊分手後,傑弗發現了妻子的外遇。傷心的傑弗開著飛機企圖與妻子和艾馬殊同歸於盡,艾馬殊幸運躲過一劫,卻造成凱薩琳身受重傷、自己命喪黃泉。艾馬殊趕到深愛的人身邊,把她安置到山洞裡,承諾一定會走出沙漠,找到援助。但是,事情卻不像想像中容易。他為了救人,擔當了賣國罪名,惹來了殺身之禍,而凱薩琳會不會等來獲救的曙光?艾馬殊又將承擔起怎樣的罪責?


8. Penelope

The movie Penelope follows a young woman who learns to be happy with who she is, regardless of her looks or who approves of her. Penelope Wilhern is a young woman from a wealthy family with all the qualities to make an excellent match for any other well-bred man of her status. However, what sets her apart is that she has the nose and ears of a pig.

Generations ago, an embittered witch placed a curse on the Wilhern family because their son had impregnated her daughter, one of their servants. The son sought to marry her, but his family talked him out of it and married him off to another. The witch's daughter, overwrought, threw herself off a cliff. The witch cursed the Wilherns so that the next girl born into the clan would have the aspect of a pig. For five generations, only sons were born into the family, until Penelope (Christina Ricci) was born, stricken with the curse. It is said that the curse can only be lifted if one of her own learns to love her, which is interpreted by her parents to mean a man of noble birth...



9. Enemy at the Gates

In 1942, Vassili Zaitsev (Jude Law), a shepherd from the Ural Mountains who is now a soldier in the Red Army, finds himself on the front lines of the Battle of Stalingrad. Sent on a suicidal charge against the invading Germans, he uses impressive marksmanship skills—taught to him by his grandfather from a young age—to save himself and commissar Danilov (Joseph Fiennes). Nikita Khrushchev (Bob Hoskins) arrives in Stalingrad to coordinate the city's defenses and demands ideas to improve morale. Danilov, now a senior Lieutenant, suggests that the people need figures to idolize, and publishes tales of Vassili's exploits in the army's newspaper that paint him as a national hero and propaganda icon. Vassili is transferred to the sniper division, and he and Danilov become friends. They also both become romantically interested in Tania (Rachel Weisz), a citizen of Stalingrad who has become a Private in the local militia. Danilov has her transferred to an intelligence unit away from the battlefield...

斯大林格勒戰役中,瓦西裡(裘德? Jude Law 飾)是一個威震部隊的神槍手。他的好槍法百發百中,令敵人聞風喪膽。為了激勵士氣,樹立榜樣,瓦西裡的戰友——蘇軍文宣部軍官丹尼洛夫(約瑟夫?費因斯 Joseph Fiennes 飾)在報紙上大量刊登瓦西裡的英雄事蹟,令瓦西裡的形象更為高大。然而,坦妮婭(瑞吉兒?薇姿 Rachel Weisz 飾)的出現,讓瓦西裡和丹尼洛夫都同時迷戀上了這個颯爽女兵。但塔妮婭喜歡的是瓦西裡,這讓丹尼洛夫大為妒忌。另一方面,德軍派出了他們的狙擊手康尼(艾德?哈裡斯 Ed Harris 飾),讓同是神槍手的他抗衡瓦西裡。在硝煙彌漫的戰場上,瓦西裡和康尼開始了鬥智鬥勇的決鬥。


10. Becoming Jane

Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) is the youngest daughter of Reverend Austen and his wife (Julie Walters) and has yet to find a suitable husband. She wishes to be a writer, to the dismay of her mother and proud delight of her father (James Cromwell).

Thomas Lefroy (James McAvoy) is a promising lawyer with a bad reputation, which he describes as "typical" for peers of that era. After a bad first impression upon meeting him, Jane cannot stand the arrogant Irishman. She turns down the affections of numerous men, including Mr. Wisley (Laurence Fox), the nephew of the wealthy Lady Gresham (Maggie Smith). Wisley proposes, but Jane ultimately rejects him due to lack of affection. The mischievous Tom — later the inspiration for Pride and Prejudice's Mr. Darcy — continues his advances and Jane begins to take the idea of marriage seriously. The two get to know each other gradually, however, and eventually they fall in love...

?奧斯丁(安妮·海瑟薇 Anne Hathaway 飾)的一生是否如她的文字那樣充滿曲折的過程和完滿的結局?《成為簡》用傳記方式描述她的一生:她的母親竭力為她撮合婚事,對象是上層社會的有錢人。但是簡不接受沒有愛情的婚姻,認為女人要靠自己的能力去養活自身。於是,她拒絕貴族瓦斯萊先生的求婚,愛上了心靈相通的湯姆?勒弗羅伊(詹姆斯·麥卡沃伊 James McAvoy 飾)。好事多磨,有人從中作梗,導致湯姆家人並不贊成二人婚事,湯姆決定攜簡私奔。但是這樣一來,湯姆的經濟來源就會被切斷,簡亦將面臨著世俗的壓力和貧困的生活。到底二人在私奔路上會走得多遠?會不會有美滿的結局?





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