IELTS雅思閱讀高分技巧:Selecting factors

  Task description   You will be provided with a number of statements some of which paraphrase o


  Task description

  You will be provided with a number of statements some of which paraphrase or summarise what the writer said. In this task type you need to show that you know what information the writer did (and did not) mention on a particular topic.

  What is being tested is your ability to:

  * skim and scan the text for details

  * understand paraphrase

  * understand inference

  How to approach questions where you have to select factors

  Step 1: Read the instructions carefully. Note that only three of the factors are correct. Note also that the instructions in this sample task tell you what topic to focus on. In this case the instructions tell you to focus on poor communication as a contributing factor in the disaster. Although other factors may have contributed to the disaster (such as A and C) only the three correct answers focus on poor communication as a contributing factor.

  Step 2: Read through the list of factors.

  Step 3: Scan the text and find the sections or paragraphs which discuss poor communication.

  Step 4: Read those sections carefully and select the appropriate three factors.

o r%�te�� �� the appropriate manner, for example reading for gist, reading for detail etc.


�il�� �n erif";mso-fareast-font-family: 新細明體;color:#333333;mso-font-kerning:0pt'>No The statement contradicts the writer.


  Not Given The writer does not give an opinion on this point.

  Step 2: Skim through all of the statements to get an idea of the topics you will be searching for in your reading of the text.

  Step 3: Read the first statement again more carefully. Note the main point or opinion given in the statement.

  Step 4: Skim the text for the section which refers to that idea. If you come across information relating to other statements, put a mark beside the section so that you can find it quickly again later.

  Step 5: Once you have found the appropriate section of the text, read more carefully. Decide if the statement agrees with the view of the author (select Yes) or disagrees with the author (select No). If the author doesn't give an opinion which agrees or disagrees with the statement then select Not Given.


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