1Describe your best friend.How you knew each otherHow you became friendsHow you spend time togethe



1Describe your best friend.
How you knew each other
How you became friends
How you spend time together 
Explain why he
she is your best friend

2Describe the trip you took some time ago.
When you took it
How you got there
What you saw there
Explain why you liked it.

3Describe the worst weather in your life 
What it was
When it happened
How you felt
Explain your experience in details.

4Describe your favorite book or a story you read .
What the book is called
What it talks about 
What you learn from it
Explain why this book is your favorite.

5Describe the recent success of China. 
what it was
what it was about 
how important it was

6Describe your favorite sports star.
Who this person is
What sports does this person play
Why you like this person

7Describe a child you are familiar with.
His or her name
How old he
she is
What his
her hobby is

8 Describe the four seasons in China.
How many seasons there are
What features there are
What people do in the four seasons

9Describe the most unforgettable success in your life.
What it is
How you made it
Why it is important

10Describe a period of time, when you think was interesting or exciting.
When it was
What did you do during that period
Why it was special

11Describe a perfect house or flat 
Where it is
What it looks like
What the inside is like
Why it is ideal for you

12Describe your favorite song.
What song it is
What it is abou
tWhy you like it

Describe a piece of equipment 
what it is 
how it is used 
advantages and disadvantages

14Describe your favorite park in China.
Where it is 
What you see
What you do in the park

15 Describe your favorite TV program
What it is about
What type it is
Why you like it

16Describe a toy
Who gave it to you
Why you liked it
How you played it


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