Oh look who showed up. 讓我們到這兒來。

    show up: 出現

     You better have a good reason for us to be here.


    Where's Optimus?  擎天柱在哪兒?

    He's right over there, across the courtyard.

    courtyard: 院子他就在院子那邊。


    -Sam: I got to get to him right now.

    get to: 到達 那我就去找他。

    -Lennox: No, we got an air strike coming.


    -Sam: I have to get to him right now.


    -Lennox: Come here, b-back. 退後,退後。

    -Jetfire: Incoming!  漂亮的落地!

    Behold to the only Jetfire!  behold: 看到 jetfire: 天火


    Now let me show you how we brought them pain in my day.

    pain: 痛苦


    -Simmons: Too old for this crap.  我太老了

    crap: 廢話

      Keep going.  繼續前進。

    15 minutes of fighting.  十五回合的戰鬥

    I am directly below the enemy's scrotum.

    directly: 直接地,完全 enemy: 敵人的 scrotum: 陰囊


    25.7 metres above sea level,

    sea level: 水準  海平面上25.7米。


  29.32 north. 北緯29.32度。

    -Soldiers: Field track, 5-2, 0500 o'clock.

    field: track: 軌道 target: 目標 acquir:取得

    發射軌道 5-2 5點方向。

   Target acquired. 目標鎖定。

    Killing track two.  保持鎖定,2號軌道。

    Lock. Fire.  

  fire: 激發  鎖定,發射

    -Simmons: Yeah! Yeah!  太好了!太好了!

    B-1, stand on my target. 30 seconds…

    stand on: 堅持  B1轟炸機 30秒後接近目標……

    -Lennox: We're gonna make a break for the beast on my command, okay?

    break: 打破 command: 命令,指揮


    You guys stick with me, you understand?

    stick with: 堅持做  你們兩個就跟著我跑,明白嗎?

    You stay on my ass.  一步也不許離開。

    -Epps: Hope these F-16s got good aim. 希望那些F16能打准點。

  aim: 對準

    -Lennox: Yeah, why is that?  嗯,怎麼了?

    -Epps: I told them to hit the orange smoke.

    smoke:   我告訴他們橘紅色煙霧為打擊目標。

    -Lennox: You mean that orange smoke?


    -Epps: It wasn't my best toss, okay?  

  toss: 投擲 這不是我扔的最好的一次,知道嗎?

    -All the people: Run!  快跑!

    Run!  快跑!

    -Epps: Incoming! 來啦!

    -Lennox: Come on.  come on: 快點 快點!

 -Fallen: Die!  死吧!

    -Mikaela: Sam!


    Hold your fire!


    Sam!    Sam!

    -Lennox: Get out! Get me an EVAC.

    EVAC: 干擾系統


    -Mikaela: Can't you do something?


    -Ron: Sam!Sam…

    Sam! Sam…

    -Judy: Sam!


    -Lennox: Come on, we got to move. We got to move! Come on!

    move: 移動    快點,我們走。我們走,快點!

    -Ron and Judy: Sammy!


    -Doctor: Clear! Take a shot. Clear! Take a shot.

    shoot: 射擊,開槍

    take a shot:開槍


    One, two, three.


    -Lennox: Do it again.


    -Mikaela: Sam!    Sam!  

  Okay, listen to my voice. I love you and I need you.

   listen to: 傾聽  


  Please, please come back to me. Sam, please! I love you!

    come back: 回來  


  -Sam: Am I dead? 我死了嗎?

    -Optimus Race: We have been watching you. A long, long time.

    watching: 觀察


    You have fought for Optimus,  

  fight: 戰鬥  你為擎天柱而戰鬥。  

  our last descendant, with courage and with sacrifice.

    last: 最後的 descendant: 後代,子孫 courage: 勇氣 sacrifice: 犧牲


    The virtues of a leader.   具有領袖精神。

   vircue of: ……的優點

    A leader worthy of our secret.  我們值得將秘密託付給你。

    The Matrix of Leadership is not found.

    leadership: 領導  原能矩陣不是被發現的。

    It is earned.  而是通過努力得來的。


  Return now to Optimus,  

  return:返回  回到擎天柱身邊。

    merge the Matrix with his Spark.  

  spark: 火花,火種  


  It is, and always has been, your destiny.

    destiny: 命運    那是你此生註定的命運。

    -Mikaela: Sam.    Sam。  

  -Sam: I love you. 我愛你。

    -Optimus: Boy, you returned for me.  孩子,你為我而回來。

    A living Prime! 

  living: 活著的  活著的超級領袖!

    -Fallen: I don't believe it.  簡直不敢相信。

    My Matrix.  我的原能矩陣。  

  -Sam: Get up, get up, get up, get up.


    Get up, Prime!    站起來,擎天柱!

    Oh, no.  哦,不!

    He's turned on the machine.  

  turn on: 反對,攻擊  他要摧毀太陽

    You gotta stop him. Get up!    你要阻止他站起來!

    Optimus!  擎天柱!

    -Starscream: Fallen, my master.  墮落金剛,我的主人。

   My brothers could not stop me from this.


    Yes. 對。

    now I claim your sun.  

  claim: 請求,要求 現在,太陽是我的了。  

  -Epps: Enemy target, top of pyramid.  向金字塔頂射擊。

    Engage, engage, engage. 行動,行動,行動。  

  engage: 使參與

      -Starscream: In moments, we'll be at siren strength.

    strength: 力量 siren: 警笛


  I never did a thing worth doing until now.

    worth: 值得 until now: 直到現在


    Optimus, take my parts.  parts: 組裝零件


    And you'll have a power you've never known.


    Fulfill your destiny. fulfill: 完成


  -Optimus: Jolt, electrify!  electrify: 通電 汽車人通電!  

  Let's roll. 出擊。

    roll: 使……轉動  

      -Soldiers: Fire. Take it off to the pyramid!  

  take it off: 拿掉  


  -Starscream: This planet will be dark forever.  

  dark: 黑暗 forever: 永遠  這個星球將永遠陷入黑暗中。

    Die like your brother.  和你的兄弟們一樣去死。  

  -Optimus: They were your brothers too. 他們也是你的兄弟。

    First gra-- 紅蜘蛛……  

  You picked the wrong planet! 你選錯了目標!

    Give me your face.拿下你的面罩。 

  I rise. You fall.我贏了,你失敗了。

    -Fallen: No. No.不。不。

    -Starscream: Not to call you a coward, Master, but sometimes,

    coward: 懦夫 master: 主人 sometimes: 有時


    cowards do survive.膽小鬼往往能生存下來。

  survive: 生存  

  This isn't over.  這不算完。  

  -Mikaela: You took all of this for you to tell me that you love me.


    -Sam: You said it first.  你先說的。

    -Optimus: Thank you, Sam, for saving my life.謝謝你,山姆,你救了我的命。

    -Sam: You're welcome.別客氣!

    Thank you for believing in me.謝謝你信任我。

    -Optimus: Our races united by a history long forgotten.

    race: 種族 我們的種族因為被遺忘的過去而走到一起。

    And a future we shall face together. 齊心協力面對未來

  face:面對 togethrer: 一起

    I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message

    message: 資訊 我是擎天柱,在此發出倡議。

    so that our past will always be remembered.

    remember: 記得 讓這段歷史流傳下去。

    For in those memories, we live on.

   memory: 記憶 live on: ……生活 我們擁有珍貴的記憶,生生不息。



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