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Posted by Elise Bauer on September 16, 2009


If there’s anything that comes close to a Mexican version of an open-faced sandwich, the tostada is it. Just when you thought nothing could get messier than taco night, along comes the tostada, which I dare you to eat daintily. It can’t be done. Strike that. Actually, you must attempt to eat a tostada with finesse, otherwise all hope is lost, and the thing will crumble in your hands with the mounds of filling succumbing to gravity only to ricochet off your plate to the surrounding table, lap, floor, etc. The tostada has a pretty simple construction, it’s like a taco, but flat. It’s usually made with a fried corn tortilla, topped with refried beans, shredded cheese, salsa, and other toppings. Anything that could go in a taco could also go on a tostada, so you can have fish tostadas, shredded chicken or beef tostadas. We almost always make tostadas with refried beans and plenty of toppings. When we make them we put all of the toppings in separate bowls in the center of the table, distribute the freshly cooked tortillas, and then we each add our topping of choice, starting with the beans. Mashed refried beans are usually used as the first layer because they spread over the tortilla well, and the other toppings have a better chance of sticking to the beans than they would the straight tortilla.


The decision that confronts you when you decide to make tostadas is, “how easy to I want this process to be?” If you want something truly over-the-top you might
make your own tortillas from scratch, let them get a day or two old, then fry them and top them with home-cooked beans that you’ve smashed up with bacon fat. Or, if you were looking for a quick mid-week meal, you could use canned refried beans (or even canned white beans that you heat and mash with a little chile powder added for flavor) and packaged tostada shells. We almost always make our own refried beans from scratch, because with a pressure cooker it just doesn’t take that long. And we almost always use packaged tostada shells, because we live in California where you can buy them at almost any supermarket (when you are shopping for them, the thicker the tortilla the better, by the way).


Mexican Tostada Recipe

  • Yield: Serves 4-6.

This recipe details how to fry up corn tortillas to make the tostada shells. If you are using packaged shells, before serving them, spread them out on a baking sheet, or directly on oven racks, and heat them at 350°F for 4-5 minutes, or until you can smell the aroma of them cooking. Don't keep them in the oven too long, or they will get burnt. Just heat them enough to lightly toast them.

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1 Heat refried beans in a frying pan, until warm. If you are using regular canned beans, drain them, then add them to the pan with a little water, mash them as you heat them. For extra flavor for the beans you can stir in a tablespoon of bacon fat to them and/or a big slice of cheddar cheese. Keep the beans on warm while you prepare the tortillas, adding water to them as necessary to keep a creamy consistency.


2 Optional pre-frying step: to help the tortillas fry up better, dry them in the oven by laying them out on an oven rack and cooking them at 250°F for 10 minutes or so. Pour enough oil into a frying pan so that you have a quarter inch layer of oil. Heat the oil on medium high heat until sizzling hot, but not smoking. One at a time, fry the tortillas in the oil. Bubbles should form in the tortilla immediately as you put the tortilla in the oil, otherwise the oil is not hot enough. Fry until golden brown on both sides, cooking about 30 seconds to a minute per side. Use metal tongs or a spatula to push the tortilla down in the oil, and to turn and lift the tortilla out of the pan, draining the excess oil as you do so. (The tortilla should be fairly stiff and crisp. If not, the oil is not hot enough.) Place the tortilla on a paper towel-lined plate, to absorb the excess oil. Sprinkle with a little salt. Put the cooked tortillas on a rimmed baking sheet and place in a 250°F oven to keep warm.

Add more oil to the pan as needed, taking care that the oil heats sufficiently before adding a tortilla to the pan.

3 To serve, place toppings in separate bowls, with a larger serving dish for the beans. Bring out the tostada shells in batches, keeping those unused warm in the oven. To prepare one's tostada, spread a large spoonful of mashed beans over a tostada shell. Sprinkle on cheese and other toppings (sliced lettuce, avocados, salsa, etc.) Don't load the tostada too much or you'll find it difficult to eat. Eat by picking up the tostada with both hands (like a pizza slice).



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  • 產量: 供應4-6




  • 葡萄籽油,菜籽油,或其他高煙點的烹調油
  • 12玉米餅
  • 豆泥(2 15盎司罐,也可以使自己的豆泥
  • 1/2頭生菜,切成薄片和經驗豐富的鹽和醋(無油)
  • 2中等番茄,切碎
  • 1-2切碎去皮,去核鱷梨或鱷梨醬
  • 8盎司磨碎蒙特雷傑克,切達乾酪,或崩潰QUESO壁畫和/cotija奶酪
  • 1莎莎1/2杯切成薄片醃製jalapeños
  • 一把切碎的新鮮香菜




可選的預油炸步:幫助玉米餅炒起來更好,鋪設出來的一個爐架和烹調他們在250°F 10分鐘左右幹他們在烤箱 倒入足夠的油倒入煎鍋,使你有油四分之一英寸層。熱油在中高熱量,直到滾燙,但不吸煙。一次一個,炒油的玉米餅。氣泡應立即形成在玉米粉圓餅,你把玉米餅的油,否則油不夠熱。炸至金黃色兩側,約煮30秒,每邊一分鐘。用金屬鉗或鏟玉米餅向下推油,並打開並抬起玉米餅了鍋,排出多餘的油像你那樣做。(該餅應該是相當激烈的,明快。如果沒有,油不夠熱。)將在紙巾上,內襯板的玉米餅,以吸收多餘的油。撒上少許鹽。把煮好的玉米餅上一個黑框烤盤,並放置在一個250°F烘箱中要注意保暖。





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