一、租房 RENTING A HOUSE   land/lord, land/lady types dormitory hostel hotel flatbeds



  land/lord, land/lady types dormitory hostel hotel flatbedsitters surroundings rural areas, suburb, downtown rooms single room, double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,balcony facilities shower, central heater(ing), radiators, refrigerator, carpet, telephone,stove,microwave,oven), bed central air-conditioning(中央空調)

  electric stores(電爐),radiators(暖氣)


  facilities in bed bed linen, spread(床罩),pillow, mattress, sheet,                     blanket, cushion parts entrance hall(lobby, porch) personal information of boarders: pay weekly/monthly lease, utilities, unfurnished/furnished, blackout(停電) guests and hours

  currency(Canadian dollars,Australian dollars, Pound, Japanese Yen), country and language French,Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Italian, Germnan, Portuguese, Japanese,


  FINCE-WARDEN, lrg 2br bsmt, new reno bright, lndry, eat-in kit, w-o balc, close to HSR/shops. No smoke/pets, , 1st/last. 222-2222 - leave mess. FINCH-WARDEN 這間房是位於或鄰近FinchWarden街交界處。

  lrg=large 2br=two bedroomsbsmt=It is in a basement (below ground).這是地庫的兩房套間。(注意,兩房是指兩個睡房,洗手間,廚房,廳肯定是有的,所以不寫出來) new reno bright reno=renovation,最近才裝修過,很光亮lndry, eat-in kit, w-o balc lndry=laundry,指有洗衣機乾衣機,eat-in kitchen指廚房大,可在廚房裡放飯桌吃飯。

  w-o balc=walk out to a balcony,指有扇門打開可通陽臺。

  close to TTC/shops靠近公共交通,購物商場No smoke/pets不接受吸煙或養寵物的租客租金為一個月,外加水電煤氣1st/last首尾兩個月的租金必須先交作為定金222-2222 - leave mess打電話222-2222留言聯繫房東



  enrolment 註冊selective/elective/option 選修課required course/compulsory course 必修課course arrangement 課程安排application form 申請表letter of recommendation 推薦信programme/program 某一專業的課程總稱school 學院graduate school 研究生院undergraduate 本科postgraduate 研究生school of Arts and Sciences 文理學院score 成績credit 學分degrees 學位assessment 對學生的學習情況進行評估handout 上課老師發的印刷品assignment 作業presentation 針對某一專題進行的發言project 需要學生進行獨立鑽研的課外課題paper/thesis/dissertation 論文/碩士論文/博士論文essay 短論文journal 周記/每週要做的作業participation 出勤lecture 老師的講課tutorial 助教的輔導TA(Teaching Assistant) 助教office hour 教授與學生面談的時間coordinator 課程協調人/班主任professor 教授associate professor副教授assistant professor 助理教授lecturer 講師dean 系主任counselor 輔導老師adviser 導師mentor 導師president 校長chancellor 名譽校長faculty 教職員工的總稱

  (2) 生活篇

  campus 校園common room (英)師生公用的休息室canteen 餐廳dining hall 食堂cafeteria 自助小餐廳accommodation 住宿dorm/dormitory 宿舍dormmate/roommate/flatmate/housemate 合租一間宿舍/公寓/房屋的人parking lot 停車場parking regulations 停車規定shopping mall 購物中心teaching building 教學樓/教室樓lecture theatre 大教室/階梯教室administrating office/admin office 行政辦公室laboratory/lab 實驗室student union 學生會society 學生社團club 學生俱樂部student account 銀行中的學生帳戶current account 現金帳戶chequebook/checkbook 支票本withdraw cash 取錢deposit money in a bank 存錢

  (3) 課題研究篇

  research 研究deadline 最後期限poll (民意)調查survey 調查hypothesis 假設statistics 統計statistically valid 統計學上有效的data/datum 資料investigation 調查quantitative 數量的/定量的significant difference 顯著的差異interview 訪談respondents/interviewee 回答調查問題者/被訪談的人questionnaire 調查問卷multiple choice questions 選擇題analyze/analyse data 分析資料results 結果conclusion 結論interpretation 解釋/闡釋opinion 觀點

  (4) 課程篇mathematic, literature, history, psychology, physics, philosophy, anthropology Arts(Humanities/Social) Science/Science

  level of courseselementary, primary, intermediate,secondary, advanced), (5) COMPUTER LAB 電腦篇

  lab rules printer copier fax machine moderm Macintosh network, access to the net

  (6) LIBRARY 圖書館篇

  due, overdue and pay a fine, renew, information desk stacks(書庫) open/closed shelves, library card call slip(索書單)catalogue(under titles/authors/subjects), periodical(magazines and journals), reference books,current/ back issues, librarian and reader


  be far from 距離某處很遠be nearby 距離某處很近go straight across/to/through 徑直走過//cross (over) 穿過(某條街道)

  be next to 緊鄰turn left/right 左轉/右轉go up/down 向上(北)/向下(南)

  go back/back/back up 向回走go east/west/south/north 向東//西/go on/along…till you meet…沿一直走,直到

  be on sb‘s left/right 在某人的左邊/右邊be the first/second/third from the left/right 從左/右數第一//三個directly opposite 相對be located behind/in front of 坐落在的前面/後面be on the corner of A street and B street AB街交匯的拐角處be in the corner of 的角落裡ground floor (英)首層wing 配樓/建築的一部分annex 配樓/建築的附屬建築basement 地下室/第一層twin building 由兩個完全相同的部分構成的建築landmark 標誌性的建築block/complex 由若干個建築構成的建築群/街區stair 樓梯step 臺階wheel chair access 無臺階的/殘疾人用aisle 過道intersection/crossroad 十字路口a fork on the road 分叉路口a T road 丁字路口intersection/crossroads/junction/clover-leaf 立交橋


  (1)身材medium build average height quite slim  苗條的stout 結實的、矮胖的

  (2)穿著jumper trousers jeans T-shirt short-sleeved blouse pink and white striped skirt top 上衣pullover 套頭毛衣be in red/green/dark 身著紅//黑色衣服suit (男)西服;(女)套裝wear/be in tie 戴領帶sweater 套頭衫,運動衫stockings/boots flat shoes sandal 涼鞋


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