P: Remember, it is not what you think. You must back up your opinions with facts. Support for all your ideas is essential. I think you should check the statistics on what percentage of women hold political office in the national governments. You should just include national governments, not local ones, unless you just want to focus only on local governments. For example, in Russia women have constituted almost 50 percent of local councils, but they are less common in the senior power establishment at the national level.

  S: Okay, I also plan to discuss the role of organized womens rights.

  P: That is a good idea, but remembers this essay is only 5,000 words so you must keep your topic focused.

  S: Could I bring you in a rough draft next week?

  P: I would prefer if you brought an outline, breaking down your main topics and subtopics.

  S: Okay, could I arrange to meet you during your office hours next Wednesday?

  P: Actually, I have students coming on Wednesday, but if you are free, I could meet with you for half an hour on Friday morning at 9:30.

  S: That would be great. Normally, I have a lab that day but it is cancelled this week.

  P: Okay, I will see you then. It may be a good idea to bring some of your reference materials along.

  S: Sure, I will do that. Thank you very much.

  P: Youre welcome.


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