A He will pick up an application form from the Scholarship and Bursary Department.

  B He will meet some one who is dealing with bursaries.

  C He will check the website of the Scholarship and Bursary Department.

  D He will move out of town.

  C: Hi, welcome to the Scholarship and Bursary Department. I am Cathy.

  S: Hi. Can I get some information about financial aid here?

  C: You mean bursaries, a monetary grant to students in need?

  S: Yes.

  C: Well, bursaries are usually determined by a committee set up by the donor.

  S: Cab I apply for bursaries?

  C: You certainly can if you show you are financially in need. Bursaries generally consider financial need to a greater extent than scholarships. Some bursaries are specifically for out-of-town students. Do you live out of town?

  S: Yes, I do. Can you tell what other requirements to apply for bursaries are?

  C: Well, you can find detailed information on our website. The first page of our website has a link for bursaries. You can download a form there and apply on-line. You might have to submit other official documents to our department in person.

  S: Thank you, Cathy.


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