D Singing the sheet in the faculty lounge.

  P: Hi, Mabel.

  S: Hi, John.

  P: Could you please give me some information on the exam schedule?

  S: I would be happy to. The dates for the first term are December 9 to December 23.The dates for the second term are April 11 to April 30.

  P: How long are exams?

  S: Exams are normally three-hour long. You must book a room for the three-hour exam. The department will arrange an invigilator. Early next month, there will be a sign up sheet posted on the bulletin board in the faculty lounge. You can choose a square on this draft schedule. The Dean then reviews it, and draws up the final schedule to avoid students in the Science Faculty having two exams scheduled at the same time.

  P: That is a good idea. So I just have to sign the sheet in the faculty lounge asking when I want my exam.

  S: Yes, it is not at all certain that is when the exam will be, but it gives Dean Acheson a place to start. He still has to do most of it manually, consulting his computer to see which students registered in each course have other exams. Doing an exam schedule is quite complex. Quite often, he consults the schedule from the previous year.

  ? Example 2: Changing Plans

  What can be inferred about the man?

  A He was planning to go to medical school.

  B He did not plan to go to medical school.

  C He did not intend to take the math class.

  D He already knew how to drive.

  A: Hey, Stanley. Is it true youre dropping Math 101?

  B: Well, its either I drop math or Ill fail.

  A: Youll fail?

  B: Yes, my average is only 32.9%. I failed the last three tests.

  A: Wow, thats rough. Do you think you can get into med school without math?

  B: Well, actually plans have changed. I am thinking of becoming a car mechanic.

  A: No kidding, so now you want to be a car doctor!

  B: Yes, thats my new career aspiration, as long as I can get my drivers license


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