The world's greatest comfort foods世界上最偉大的安慰食品

Pack up your troubles and chow down on these amazing feel-good eats from all corners of the planet

World's greatest comfort foods
Mmm -- a delicious world of tried-and-tested pick-me-ups.

It's a cold, rainy winter day and thanks to a splash-happy Prius driver, you're soaked through to the marrow. Your company just laid off half of its task force. And look -- new wrinkles. Will this head cold ever go away? You got dumped, you got dumped, you got dumped ...

What to do now? Stuff your face, of course.

While the causes of misery might vary, one thing's for sure -- when life turns sour, most of us go for something sweet. Or savory. Or homemade.

Treats that might be gentle on our stomach, treats that might be bad for our teeth, treats that somehow, through the simple act of tasting them, instantly make us feel better.

To qualify as a true comfort food, a dish must fulfill at least two of three requirements; it has restorative properties, it has sentimental appeal, and it’s insanely delicious.

Here’s our roundup of 10 of the world's best culinary remedies for human suffering. Get your hankies out, folks -- it’s gonna be a rough ride.

Ice cream, United States

World's greatest comfort foodsRocky Road, Poppin' Shower, Triple Chunk -- it's all good.Think of any modern romantic comedy to come out of Hollywood; what do citizens of the United States reach for when their boyfriend leaves them for their therapist?

A gun? A simple solution? Try a tub of ice cream.

Delicious and nostalgic, ice cream might just be the ultimate childhood redux, bringing us back to carefree summer days and birthday parties.

Ice cream is also highly fattening, making it just the thing to give your anguish a desperate, self-destructive flavor.

If you visit a household in the United States and find a graveyard of empty ice cream pints, you know something bad has just hit the fan.


Nutella, Italy

World's greatest comfort foodsLay it on thick -- Nutella.Chocolate is a popular comfort food due to its all-out tastiness, electrifying sugar content and the healthy dose of feel-good alkaloids found in cocoa solids -- nature's gift to the blues.

Ferrero's hazelnut-infused chocolate spread might just be the most luscious form of chocolate ever.

Of all the Italians polled for this article, 100 percent of women cited Nutella as their go-to comfort food after a fight with their boyfriend or a miserable afternoon dealing with the Italian train system.

Slather it on bread, or -- in especially dire emergencies -- scoop it directly into your mouth with your fingers.


Chilaquiles, Mexico

World's greatest comfort foodsAnother delicious pile of "garbage."Chilaquiles are sometimes referred to as “garbage” food -- a plate created with whatever leftover scraps can be found in your basic Mexican kitchen.

If that’s so, then this heavenly blend of tortilla chips, cheese, shredded chicken, egg and steaming-hot salsa -- roja, verde, mole, whatever's on hand -- might just be the best thing to ever come out of a dumpster.

Chilaquiles are often eaten for breakfast; the fiery-hot sauce just the ticket to sop up the remnants of last night's tequila binge.


Kartoffelpuffern, Germany

World's greatest comfort foodsSpuds, salmon and bacon -- or kartoffelpuffern to the Germans among us.In the realm of savory comfort food, the humble potato is king, cropping up regularly as an ingredient in feel-better-quick dishes like french fries, mashed potatoes, and poutine.

But it's the Germans who take the potato's feel-good properties to the next level with the decadentkartoffelpuffer: a deep-fried potato pancake topped with applesauce, or -- for ultimate bliss -- lox and crispy bacon.

If deep-fried potato doesn't make you feel better, you're just not human.


Macaroni and cheese, North America

World's greatest comfort foodsGrab a spoon and dig in, Mac.Mac and cheese is a North American dish traditionally made with short pasta and creamy Cheddar cheese sauce. It’s then baked, usually with a crispy bread-crumb crust.

Packaged brands with processed neon cheese like Velveeta and Kraft hold a special place in many North American’s hearts, but homemade mac ‘n’ cheese is hands down the best.

Just one crunchy, cheesy bite will help remind you that someone out there really does love you -- OK, you big lug?

More on CNN: The world's 50 most delicious foods


Khichdi, South Asia and Britain

World's greatest comfort foodsKhichdi -- spreading smiles across an empire.From Delhi to Dhaka, Bahawalpur to Birmingham, the simple, earthy hodgepodge of rice, lentils and spices that is khichdi has been putting a smile on subcontinental faces for centuries.

It is strikingly nutritious for a comfort food, but millions of cheered-up devotees can't be wrong.

Khichdi ticks all three boxes on the comfort food scale -- it's tasty, is often served as a soothing “sick day” food and it conjures up strong memories of mom's home cooking.


Curry rice, Japan

World's greatest comfort foodsA plateful of Japanese happiness.Whether you're talking to mopey sad sacks in India, Thailand or the United Kingdom, when it comes to comfort there's just something about curry. Perhaps its fragrant blend of spices provides bonus aromatherapy.

In Japan, the “curry rice” (as it’s called there) comfort phenomenon has completely pervaded collective consciousness; so much so, it’s commonly cited as the national dish.

It's so popular that curry roux is widely available in brick form so that busy people can simply dissolve it in a pot of water, vegetables and meat and let the magic spices do their thing.

Talk about your loving spoonful.


Koshary, Egypt

World's greatest comfort foodsKoshary -- more Egyptian than the Sphinx.Carbohydrates figure in many comfort foods, perhaps because the energy they provide gives depression a much-needed kick in the pants.

Koshary -- the food of the Egyptian masses -- is a carbohydrate bomb, loaded with lentils, fried onions, short pasta, vinegar and shatta, a tomato chili sauce.

Koshary is made in the home or sold on the streets by fiercely competitive vendors.

Have you ever tried to eat koshary while crying? It's not easy. But it feels so good.


Sunflower seeds, Russia

World's greatest comfort foodsCrack, chew, spit, repeat ...Sunflower seeds -- beloved in Russia as a high-energy food since the days of the Tsars -- are such a popular snack that they've become something of a national craze.

They enter this list as a different sort of comfort food; a nerve-calmer as opposed to an anguish-soother.

Sunflower seeds are to Russians what chewing gum or cigarettes are to other cultures -- a hit of relief in trying times.

Crack, chew, spit, let the seed husks collect on your chin. Repeat. Crack, chew, spit. Giant sigh. Ahhhh ...


Cheesecake, North America

World's greatest comfort foodsA slice of NYC goodness to cheer us all up.Cheesecake isn’t by any means an exclusively North American treat -- historians say it originated in Ancient Greece, and other versions do exist throughout the world.

But bummed-out Canadians and Americans routinely turn to New-York-style cheesecake for a sweet, creamy, graham-crackery hit of comfort.

And don't worry -- the fruit topping makes it healthy. Would we lie to you?

That's our pick of the best feel-good eats from around the world, but there are plenty more to go around. Drop your tips in the comments below






























and we'll all feel a little better together.



嗯 - 嘗試和測試的提神起坐的人間美味。

這是一個陰雨綿綿的冬天一天,由於採用了防濺幸福的普銳斯的驅動程序,你通過浸透到骨髓。您的公司剛剛裁掉一半的專案組。並期待 - 新的皺紋。將這種感冒不斷消失?你被拋棄,你被拋棄,你被拋棄......


而苦難的原因可能各不相同,有一件事是肯定的 - 當生活變酸,我們大多數人去甜的東西。或鹹味。或自製。


要成為真正的安慰食物,一盤菜必須滿足至少兩三個要求; 它有恢復性的屬性,它有情調,它是出奇的好吃。

下面是我們的10世界上最​​好的烹飪補救人類苦難綜述。讓你的手帕了,鄉親們 - 這會是坎坷不平。


世界上最大的安慰食物石板街,流行的淋浴,三重塊-這一切都很好。想想任何一個現代愛情喜劇出來好萊塢; 什麼美國公民到達時,他們的男朋友離開他們的治療師?










它大量使用在麵包上,或者 - 在特別緊急情況下可怕 - 直接舀到你的嘴用你的手指。




如果是這樣,那麼這個天堂般的融合了玉米片,奶酪,碎雞肉,雞蛋和蒸熱莎莎 - 羅亞,佛得角,黑痣,無論是在手 - 可能只是有史以來出來一個垃圾箱的最好的事情。

Chilaquiles經常吃早餐; 火熱熱醬汁只是門票吸乾昨晚的龍舌蘭酒狂歡的殘餘。




但是,是誰把馬鈴薯的自我感覺良好的性能更上一層樓的頹廢德國kartoffelpuffer:炸土豆煎餅淋上蘋果醬,或-極樂- LOX和香脆培根。






只是一個脆脆的,俗氣的咬將幫助提醒你,有人在那裡真的愛你 - 好,你大耳?




世界上最大的安慰食物Khichdi -整個帝國蔓延的笑容從德里飛往達卡,巴哈瓦爾布爾飛往伯明翰,大米,扁豆和香料的簡單,樸實的大雜燴就是khichdi已經把一個微笑的面孔次大陸幾個世紀。


Khichdi蜱所有三個箱子上的舒適性糧食規模 - 它是美味的,往往是擔任了舒緩的“病假”的食品,它讓人想起了媽媽的家常菜強烈的回憶。




在日本,“ 咖哩飯 “(因為它被稱為有)舒適的現象已經完全瀰漫的集體意識; 以至於,它的普遍提及的國菜。





世界上最大的安慰食物Koshary -比獅身人面像埃及多醣類數字在許多舒適的食物,也許是因為他們所提供的能量給人壓抑的褲子急需踢。

Koshary -埃及群眾的食品-是碳水化合物炸彈,滿載扁豆,炒洋蔥,短麵食,醋和shatta,番茄辣椒醬。





世界上最大的安慰食物裂縫,咀嚼,吐出,重複...向日葵種子 -心愛的在俄羅斯自沙皇時代的一位高能量的食物-是,他們已經成為一種全國性的熱潮如此受歡迎的小吃。

他們進入這個列表作為不同類型的舒適性食物; 一個神經平靜,而不是一個痛苦,安撫奶嘴。

向日葵種子俄羅斯人什麼口香糖,香煙是其他文化 - 浮雕在艱難的時刻一擊。





但攝影課出加拿大人和美國人經常轉向新紐約風格的芝士蛋糕的甜,奶油,格雷厄姆 - crackery舒適命中。

別擔心 - 水果餡料使得它的健康。我們會騙你?



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