5 Singapore must-eat foods5新加坡必吃的食物

Wild, wonderful and sometimes weird, this is a list for the foodies

Fish Head Curry
Fish head curry -- one of the many unofficial national dishes of Singapore and a definite must-try for any visitor

Foodie blogger Chubby Hubby came up with this list of "ten Singapore must-eats," ranging from the everyday chicken rice to the exotic fried durian ice cream. We reproduce with permission here five of the choices that we heartily agree with.

Chicken rice

Chicken rice may be Singapore’s favorite food. Ask a bunch of locals who makes the best version of this Hainanese boiled chicken dish and you’ll kick off a heated debate. You’ll soon learn that every person has their own favorite stall. What everyone agrees on though is what makes a good chicken rice. The chicken has to be tender. The rice that served with it, which has been cooked in chicken fat, must be aromatic and glistening. The accompanying sauces, dark soy, chili and garlic, are as important as the rice and the bird. If any of these components is off, the whole dish is ruined. I like going to two different places for my chicken rice. The first is a humble hawker stall slightly off the beaten path; the other is a sexy café in the Esplanade, the city’s performing arts centre. Both are excellent. The former is very real. The latter very chic (and therefore pricy but worth every penny).

Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
Alexandra Village, Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-15, Singapore.

Space@Humble House
Esplanade Mall, #02-25 8 Raffles Avenue, Singapore. tel +65 6423 1881.

Fish head curry

This dish was invented by a few very smart Indian restaurateurs many years ago and has since become one of the country’s most famous foods. Noting that their Chinese patrons enjoyed eating the very tender meat in and around a fish’s head, these enterprising Indians started to serve large fish heads that had been braised in a rich Indian curry. The rest is culinary history. While there is some debate over who exactly invented fish head curry, Muthu’s Curry is considered one of its earliest pioneers and one of the best purveyors of this delicious dish. In addition to Muthu’s, I also love the fish head curry at YY Kafei Dian, a Chinese-run coffee shop on Purvis Street.

Muthu’s Curry
138 Race Course Road, #01-01, Singapore. tel +65 6392 1722.

YY Kafei Dian
37 Beach Road, #01-01, Singapore.

Crab bee hoon

To satisfy your passion for crab, head on over to Sin Huat Eating House in Geylang, Singapore’s most well-known red light district. Don’t be fooled by Sin Huat’s deceptively gritty surrounds. Chef-owner Danny Lee’s food is so good that Anthony Bourdain called this place the very best restaurant in the country. All of Chef Lee’s seafood dishes are excellent, but the dish that regulars keep coming back for is his crab bee hoon – huge Sri Lankan crabs braised in stock and then fried with bee hoon noodles. This is truly an inspirational dish.

Sin Huat Seafood Restaurant
659-661 Geylang Lorong 35 (at the corner of Geylang Rd), Singapore. tel +65 6744 9778.

Damian’s anchovy pasta

Is it local? Is it Italian? Who cares! Damian D’Silva’s spicy pasta dish is a local favourite and has fast achieved cult status in a very short period of time. Regulars come for the anchovy pasta, grilled meats and on weekends, Eurasian and Peranakan classics. Damian’s hawker stall, Big D’s Grill, is crazy-popular so if you plan on dropping by, please have patience. I suggest bringing a bottle of wine (or 2) to help pass the time. Oh, and bring lots of cash in case you get temped by the wagyu or kurabuta on the menu.

Big D’s Grill
Blk 46 Holland Drive, #01-359, Singapore. tel +65 9662 7040.

Fried durian ice cream

The fried durian ice cream at Majesty RestaurantThe fried durian ice cream at Majesty Restaurant






咖哩魚頭 - 一個新加坡的許多非官方的國家的菜餚和一個明確的必須嘗試對於任何遊客



雞飯可能是新加坡最喜歡的食物。問了一堆當地人誰使此海南水煮雞菜的最好的版本,你會揭開序幕了激烈的爭論。你很快就會知道,每個人都有自己喜歡的攤位。什麼每個人都同意,雖然是什麼使一個很好的雞​​飯。雞必須進行招標。與它服務的大米,已煮熟的雞脂肪,必須是芳香和閃閃發光。隨行的醬汁,老抽,辣椒和大蒜,是因為大米和鳥一樣重要。如果任何這些組件是關閉的,整道菜是毀了。我喜歡去兩個不同的地方為我的雞飯。首先是一個不起眼的小販攤檔稍微偏離因循守舊; 另一種是一個性感的咖啡館在濱海藝術中心,城市的表演藝術中心。兩者都是優秀的。前者是非常真實的。後者很別緻(因此價格昂貴,但值得每一分錢)。


濱海購物坊,#八月2日至25日萊佛士大道,新加坡。電話+65 6423 1881。


這道菜是由少數極聰明的印度餐館老闆很多年前發明並從此成為該國最有名的食品之一。注意到他們的中國顧客喜歡吃的非常嫩的肉和周圍魚的頭部,這些進取的印度人開始服務已被燉了豐富的印度咖哩大魚頭。剩下的就是烹飪歷史。雖然有一些爭論,到底誰發明了咖哩魚頭,Muthu的咖哩被認為是它的一個最早的開拓者,這美味的佳餚的最佳購物地之一。除了Muthu的,我也很喜歡咖哩魚頭在YY Kafei殿,在珀維斯街一個中國人經營的咖啡館。

138馬場路,#01-01,新加坡。電話+65 6392 1722。

YY Kafei滇


為了滿足你的激情蟹,頭部到仙發茶餐廳在芽籠,新加坡最知名的紅燈區。不要被仙發的看似堅韌​​不拔的包圍上當。廚師所有者李修賢的食物是如此之好,安東尼伯爾頓稱這個地方是全國最好的餐廳。所有的廚師李某的海鮮料理都非常出色,但常客繼續回來的菜是他的螃蟹米粉 - 紅燒庫存巨大的斯里蘭卡螃蟹,然後炒米粉麵條。這確實是一個鼓舞人心的菜。

659-661芽籠羅弄35(在芽籠路的拐角處),新加坡。電話+65 6744 9778。



46座荷蘭車道,#01-359,新加坡。電話+65 9662 7040。





I’ll admit that eating this dish takes a little bit of courage. After all, to the uninitiated, durian, Singapore’s favorite fruit, smells like old, dirty sweatsocks stuffed with garlic. Nonetheless, Singaporeans are as passionate about their durian as Frenchmen are for stinky cheese. Chef Yong Bing Ngen has created what many consider to be the best durian dessert on the island. The secret behind Chef Yong’s fried durian ice cream is that it’s not really ice cream. Because the flesh of the fruit is so naturally creamy, the talented cook found that if he froze it, then quickly battered it and deep-fried it, the resulting texture was something akin to ice cream. Durian lovers have been known to swoon when tasting this delightful hot and cold dessert.


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