Best-loved cars in America在美國最受人喜愛的汽車

These cars and trucks topped J.D. Power's APEAL survey, which measures how much owners like their new vehicles.


Compact car - Dodge Dart

jd power apeal 2013 dodge dart
  • 2nd place: Volkswagen Beetle
  • 3rd place: Nissan Sentra

Dodge and Porsche each scored a game-winning triple in the latest J.D. Power survey of automotive owner satisfaction.

Three vehicles from Dodge, part of the Chrysler Group, and three vehicles from Porsche, part of the Volkswagen (VLKAF) Group, topped their respective market segments in the latest APEAL survey, tying for the most top-ranked models.

APEAL stands for Automotive Performance Execution and Layout. The cleverly named study measures, essentially, how much owners like their new vehicles.

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The market research company surveyed owners of new 2014 model year cars, trucks and vans in 21 different vehicle classes after they'd owned their vehicles for 90 days. The owners were asked about 77 different vehicle attributes. Those answers were tallied to create a score for each vehicle.

Hyundai had the highest average score in the survey despite having only one segment-leading model. Hyundal also topped J.D. Power's Initial Quality survey earlier this year, the first time any auto brand has ever come out on top in both surveys

Click through for the APEAL survey winners in each category.

這些轎車和卡車榮登JD Power的APEAL調查,衡量有多少車主喜歡自己的新車。

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緊湊型轎車 - 道奇Dart 下一個
JD Power的APEAL 2013道奇Dart
道奇和保時捷汽車業主滿意度的最新JD Power的調查中各入一球比賽獲勝的三倍。

三輛車從道奇,克萊斯勒集團的一部分,並從保時捷的第三部分車輛大眾汽車 (VLKAF)集團,榮登各自的細分市場中最新的APEAL調查中,栓為大多數排名靠前的模型。




現代有最高的平均得分在調查中,儘管只有一個段的領軍車型。Hyundal也榮登JD Power的新車質量在今年早些時候的調查,第一時間任何汽車品牌曾經拔得頭籌的兩項調查



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