Taipei mayor promises to increase MRT police force (2014/05/22)

While there was a visible police presence on the MRT today, typically it’s rare to see an officer during a trip on the metro. Today Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin promised to increase the MRT police force to better protect passengers. 

After a comprehensive assessment last night, Mayor Hau gave more details on police deployment at MRT stations.

Hau Lung-bin
Taipei Mayor
A total of two units and 80 special police officers dispatched by the central government will remain for two weeks. Our precincts in Taipei and New Taipei will be responsible for maintaining safety at all MRT stations.

Today, more than 400 officers from the two municipalities and the National Police Agency were stationed at MRT stations.

That was an average of four police officers assigned to each MRT station. But this is only a short-term measure and more will need to be done in the future.

Hou You-yi
New Taipei Deputy Mayor
Current MRT police deployment is inadequate.

Yesterday, more than 10 minutes passed between passengers activating the on-train emergency alert system and the arrival of MRT police.

Lin Shih-tsung
DPP Taipei City Councilor
How can it be that after that many people died and that many people were hurt, once the train reached the station and the doors opened, there wasn’t a single MRT police officer?

The MRT network has 143 police officers for its 109 stations. Apart from Taipei Main Station where a unit is stationed, the rest of the stations only have roaming patrols. One officer must patrol up to 12 stations a day. The mayor has pledged to strengthen forces.




[[台北市長 郝龍斌]]
“中央派的保安警察,為期是兩個禮拜,總共是2個分隊 80位員警,我們相關的分局,台北市跟新北市都一樣,會負起整個捷運車站,安全的維護工作”



[[新北市副市長 侯友宜 ]]


[[台北市議員(民) 林世宗]]



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