Tainan’s Baihe Lotus Festival officially opens to the public (2014/05/22)

Tainan’s Baihe Lotus Festival opened today. Increased demand for lotus root starch, inspired by the outbreak of tainted starch last year, meant an additional 100 hectares were planted. 

This large lotus pond is filled with pink buds poised to bloom. Today was the official debut of the annual Baihe Lotus Festival, though less than a fifth of the flowers were in bloom. This didn’t stop many visitors from attending the event, hoping to get an early look at these flowers.

Even though there were less lotus flowers on display, there were many lotus-themed dishes, including meat dumplings that drew praise from participants.

Last year’s outbreak of tainted starch led to increased demand for authentic lotus root starch. An additional 100 hectares of lotus were planted, bringing the total area planted to 450 hectares.

Liu Mi-shan
Tainan Baihe District Chief
Lotus root starch from this area is flaky. If you see powdery lotus root starch on the market then it’s fake.

The Baihe District Office estimates that lotus flowers will be in full bloom before and after the Dragon Boat Festival on June 2. It recommends taking a special municipal shuttle bus to the area to avoid traffic jams.






[[台南白河區長 劉米山]]



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