Former make-up artist specializes in latte art (2014/05/22)

A Kaohsiung makeup artist turned latte maker now treats milk foam as her new canvas. You don’t have to be a coffee lover to be impressed by these wonderful 3D foam images. 

Can you guess what type of character this cafe owner is creating? It’s Winnie the Pooh. You can even see his playful nose poking out of the foam. This 3D recreation is lifelike, vivid and really beckons you closer.

Chang Gui-fang
Cafe Owner
Latte art makes use of milk foam, so the foam must be prepared well. Detailed parts need to be done carefully, and it needs to be firm and just right. 

This cafe owner enjoys playing with milk foam to produce 3D latte art. She can even do portraits of customers. She originally worked as a makeup artist, but due to her love of coffee decided to switch careers and became a barista. She treats each latte as a sort of artistic canvas.

Chang Gui-fang 
Cafe Owner 
Before, I was a makeup artist. I have always enjoyed painting, but there’s no chance to paint on someone’s face, so I’m now working with coffee and treating milk foam like a canvas to do interesting work.

This former makeup artist has found a creative a new outlet for her work and is contributing to Taiwan’s growing coffee culture.




[[咖啡業者 張桂芳]]


[[咖啡業者 張桂芳]]
“之前是當彩妝師,本身也喜歡畫畫 ,所以沒辦法畫在人的臉上,所以我只好在咖啡上,把牛奶當畫布,然後做一個有趣的連結”



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