Expert says simple items such as umbrellas and belts can thwart a knife attack (2014/05/22)

During the MRT attacker’s rampage a passenger bought extra time by defending himself with an umbrella. An expert in martial arts says that umbrellas and even belts can be an effective foil for knife-wielding attackers. 

This victim whose wrist and hand is covered in blood keeps the attacker at bay with his umbrella. It’s a tense standoff as passengers have nowhere to flee on this subway car. They are simply trying to stall for time until they enter an MRT station and flee the compartment. After seeing this passenger-recorded video, an experienced martial arts instructor said that umbrellas are actually a useful tool against assailants. 

One could use the umbrella to push the assailant backwards or potentially distract him. In the event of a knife attack, the umbrella can be opened to deflect the knife and prevent injury.

Men’s belts are another effective defense tool. 

But what does one do if you are empty-handed?

Ji Cheng-hsian
Kaohsiung Police Instructor
When you are face to face (with an assailant), you should try to be very calm. Large or small bags or backpacks that are beside you can serve as a shield.

The instructor says to remain calm, try to buy some extra time and look for an opportunity to escape.







[[高雄市警局總教官 姬正賢]]
“你必須面對的時候 我希望說還是要很冷靜的心態 那如果旁邊有一些可以當盾牌的東西 比如說大包包小包包背包 你都可以用”



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