Awards presented in foreign student Taiwan photo contest (2014/05/23)

Awards were presented today in the Fabulous Taiwan photography contest, open only to foreign students receiving either the Taiwan Scholarship or the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship. A wide range of beautiful photos were on display featuring everything from popular sights such as Lungshan Temple to views of Tamsui. 

Holding this GoPro camera, which can film in all directions, this 19-year old student from El Salvador, named Juan Andres Durler, loves nothing better than traveling with friends and taking snapshots.

During his stay in Taiwan of one year, Durler traveled to both the mountains and the ocean, and he fell in love with Nantou. One day, when he was returning to his campsite, he realized that the most beautiful part of Taiwan was not just the mountains.

Juan Andres Durler
NCCU Student
When we went to Mt. Hehuan, we didn’t bring much food. Someone invited us to have a bite, and later we had a nice conversation. Now we still communicate with each other and have become good friends.

Ngoc Thanh Nguyen from Vietnam thought Taiwan is a place only known for its high technology, and wasn’t aware of its natural beauty, like the sun setting in Tamsui. These images left a deep impression on him.

Ngoc Thanh Nguyen 
NTNU Student 
Something that left a deep impression on me was when I just arrived in Taiwan, there was a convenience store clerk who helped me. Though I couldn’t speak Chinese he was very patient and enthusiastic, and helped me locate what I want to buy.

The photo competition featured many beautiful images from Taiwan’s mountains as well as urban scenes. Through the eyes and lenses of these foreign students, the beauty and humanity of Taiwan radiates for the rest of the world to see.


為台灣獎學金及華語文獎學金受獎生舉辦的"Fabulous Taiwan 圖文攝影大賽"今天頒獎並舉辦攝影展,這些喜歡攝影的外籍學生,足跡遍佈全台,有人拍龍山寺、有人拍淡水,他們都不約而同認為,台灣最美的其實是「人情味」。



[[政大薩爾瓦多學生 杜約翰]] 


[[台師大越南生 阮玉清]] 



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