Travelers go deal hunting at Taipei Tourism Expo (2014/05/23)

The Taipei Tourism Expo is underway at the Taipei World Trade Center. Among the trips on offer is a singles journey to Korea geared toward travelers searching for love. 

When the doors of the Taipei Tourism Expo opened at 10 am today, an influx of people entered in search of deals offered by local governments, foreign and domestic tourism bureaus, travel agencies, restaurants and hotels.

“There are trips and restaurant coupons. I’d like to bring my children to the Disney resorts on the US west coast, along with the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. As for domestic restaurants, I’d like to get coupons for the Howard and Fullon hotels.”

Among the best deals on offer is a three-day, two-night tour to Hong Kong for just NT$5,000, and a five-day, five-night trip to Japan for NT$10,000, tax inclusive. Domestic options include NT$99 RV accommodation in Kenting.

For those who want to take a tour but are traveling alone there is a special five-day, four-night singles trip to Busan, Korea. Besides the NT$20,000 fee, travelers must show their ID to prove they are not married.




“旅行的 還有餐券都有,想去美西吧,帶小孩去雙樂園,還有大峽谷 優勝美地





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