Health Minister at WHA (2014/05/22)

Health Minister Chiu Wen-ta spoke at the 67th World Health Assembly, underway in Geneva, Switzerland. He urged for Chinese Taipei to be given a greater role in global health bodies and said cooperation with China will be increased. 

Chiu Wen-ta
Health Minister
Chinese Taipei is willing and able to join and contribute to related global efforts. We hope that our goodwill is noted and that our meaningful and dignified participation in the WHO can be broadened.

This year, Taiwan will join additional meetings with Chinese medical care and drug officials.

Chiu Wen-ta
Health Minister
They also hope to strengthen cross-strait cooperation in areas such as Chinese medicine.

In September, Taiwan will host cross-strait talks on medical care, drugs and health. China will send technical level staff to participate.



[[衛生福利部長 邱文達]] 


[[衛福部長 邱文達]]



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