IELTS雅思口語範文:Learning English


  Talk about learning English. You should say:   When and where you began studying English.   


  Talk about learning English. You should say:

  When and where you began studying English.

  What the most interesting thing in an English class is.

  What the most effective way of learning English is.

  What difficulties you have when learning English.

  What the advantages of learning English are.

  Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you. I am sure you will find my talk interesting and informative.


  a) I have studied English on a full-time basis for a period of about six months.

  b) I am sure as a native English speaker you will not be able to understand my experiences.


  a) I studied English at a private English school called Jiahua in the city of Shenyang.

  b) That is to say, it is a relatively small school with a limited number of students.


  a) There are many difficulties when studying English.

  b) For example, you have to build a new vocabulary, and the pronunciation of many of these words is completely foreign to you.

  There are several advantages to studying English. Allow me to explain by mentioning some of them briefly.


  a) First of all, you are developing yourself as a person. There is a saying that “knowledge is power”.

  b) What I mean to say is that if you are able to speak a second language you have the power to do more things.


  a) Secondly, it is a requirement at most universities abroad that you have to have a working knowledge of English.

  b) For instance, I am studying ‘English For Academic Purposes’, also known as EAP, which will enable me to attend classes held in English at a university.


  a) Lastly, English is the most widely used language worldwide.

  b) That is to say, if you know English you have access too much more information through books and the Internet than a person who does not know English.

  7. So, those were some of my thoughts on studying English.



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