IELTS雅思口語範文:My best friend

  Describe one of your friends. You should say:   Who he/she is?   How long you have known eac


  Describe one of your friends. You should say:

  Who he/she is?

  How long you have known each other?

  How you got to know each other?

  What you usually did together?

  Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you. I am sure you will find my talk interesting and informative.


  a) I have many good friends, but my best friend is called XXX.

  b) I am sure you have a best friend too.


  a) I met XXX about XXX years ago at the school that we attended together, and we soon became best friends.

  b) Our friendship has lasted to this day.


  a) Our friendship has grown a great deal over the past three years.

  b) These days, for example we share all our secrets with each other.

  There are several reasons as for why I would like to talk specifically about XXX as my best friend. Allow me to explain by mentioning some of them briefly.


  a) I guess the main reason why XXX and I became best friends, is that we have the same interests.

  b) For example, we both love listening to music, and we spend many hours together listening to our favorite CD`s.


  a) Another reason why we have become best friends is that we both would like to go and study abroad in the near future.

  b) So we often chat about what possible majors we would study, and what university we would like to attend.


  a) A third reason why s/he is my best friend is that we share many principles.

  b) For example, we both believe that we should not damage our health by smoking cigarettes.


  a) Lastly, I believe that XXX has had a positive influence on my life since we have met.

  b) XXX is always friendly, cares about his/her family and friends, and is always willing to listen to others.

  So now you know why XXX is my best friend.



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