IELTS雅思口語範文:Getting news

  Describe a way of getting the news. You should say:   Whether you get news every day.   Whet


  Describe a way of getting the news. You should say:

  Whether you get news every day.

  Whether the news is national or international.

  How you get news, (via newspaper, TV, Internet, radio or other people).

  How most Chinese people think about the importance of getting up to date news everyday.


  a) If I had to describe the way of getting news I would choose to speak about TV news.

  b) I am sure you watch the TV news as much as possible.


  a) I get the latest news on the TV on a daily basis.

  b) That is to say, I usually watch the 20h00 broadcast just before I start with my evening studies.


  a) The news on TV covers national as well as international news.

  b) For example, national stories are received from the stations local correspondents, and international items are bought from networks like CNN and ITN abroad.

  There are several reasons as for why I would like to talk specifically about TV as a way of getting the news. Allow me to explain by mentioning some of them briefly.


  a) First of all, TV news is always up to date.

  b) What I mean to say, is that the time it takes to produce a TV newscast is much shorter that producing a newspaper.


  a) Secondly, although news broadcasts on the radio are fast too, the news on TV is highlighted by vivid pictures of what is happening.

  b) For instance, we can actually see what is happening at an important event like the Olympic Games.


  a) Lastly, the news on TV is concise.

  b) That is to say, that it deals only with the main aspects of a story. This suits me fine, as I do not have the time to read all the details as given in a newspaper.

  7. So, those were some thoughts on how I get to know about the latest news.


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