How to Learn English Well 英語學習經驗

Everybody wants to learn English well but many find it not easyAnd everyone can spend three hours on


Everybody wants to learn English well but many find it not easyAnd everyone can spend three hours on English every daybut what they get is not the sameThe methods one adopt play an important roleTodayWe gather together because of EnglishWe have been studying English for many yearsI think we all have much experienceI am very content to share mine with you

I like EnglishOnly when you want to do someting can you do it wellEight years agoI was taken into the English worldIt was fresh to me thenI feel lucky because I met with an respectable teacherHer teaching style was unique and we were active and excited in classesSo Ican saywhen I first got touch with English it interested me very much

To some extentwhat I learned in junior and senior schools was not only new wordsphrases and grammar but also the enjoyment of studying EnglishThey are all the basis of my knowledge today

After I entered the universityI came to realize its special importanceMy class provides me with good atmosphere of studyingFor some studentsto remember the new words is the biggest barrierespecially now the words are more difficult than beforeActuallywords come along with sentencesthat isto understand the words according to its contextOf courseit is necessary that you reviewed it now and thenotherwise you will forget them easily When readingI am used to underlining some special and important phrases or write them down on the notebook so that Ican find them when IreviewDoing some exercises to consolidate what I learn in classes is my daily workI never skip itIf you want to master English better than othersyou must pay more than othersyou must set aside more timeDon't be lazy

After classI go to the library sometimesThere aremany booksmagazines and newspapers related to EnglishWhen I come across new words or idiomsI write them down to enlarge my vocabularyIn this wayI learn a lotBesidesreading magazines can help keep your enthusiasm or interest in English because you are not only learning but also appreciating the language

Do you know the channel CCTV 10I watch it whenever it's possibleThe program called“Outlook”is my favoriteSome teachers or scholars talk about the learning skill or some topics people focus onI broaden my horizon and know more about the open world throughit

 As is known to allwritingreadinglistening and speaking are the basic skills of EnglishThey should be well organized and coordinatedBut speaking is always the one aspect people neglectAt schoolon every weekendI go to the English corner to chat with others in EnglishIt doesn't need much vocabulary but fluencyMy spoken English is strengthened by doing thisAnd this vocation I mean to have oral classes in BeijingI have registered butnow I have a better chance to practiceHow lucky I amThe more you speakthe greaterprogress you will make

 In additionthere are a lot of factors involved in English learningYou must realize“more hasteless speed”It should be accumulated graduallyNo painsno gainsYou must make great effort and develop various abilitiesNo crossno crownNever give upand you'll succeed one day

 We still have so much to learn about EnglishIt is endless


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